Vet & Pet Business Sympathy Cards

Our Vet & Pet Business Gift Card Includes:

  • A native species tree planted in a U.S. National Forest
  • A card that explains the gift & includes your message
  • The pet's name and photo on our Pet Memorial Photo Registry (Instructions for uploading the pet's photo are inside the card)
  • Online access to tree photos, location info & maps
  • FREE 1st class shipping in U.S.-Orders typically ship in 1-3 business days

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Vet & Pet Business Sympathy Cards

Trees for a change

$ 22.00 
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Sympathy Message Ideas

Memory tree & Memorial Tree

You can't put a measure on the grief that a person can experience when they lose a pet. Even if an animal isn't the same as a child, the loss that a pet owner feels can be very great, yet it's not often that people receive the same level of sympathy or understanding when a pet passes on as they might when a human relative dies.

As a veterinarian or the owner of a grooming business, doggy day care, pet-sitting service or pet supply shop, you uniquely understand the deep bond that your customers and clients have with their animals and how deeply they can hurt when they lose their cherished pets. A special gesture from you can mean the world to a grieving pet owner and help to maintain your relationship, even though their pet has passed. You can send along your condolences while creating a lasting tribute to the departed pet with a Trees for a Change Vet & Pet Business Memorial Tree Gift Card, and the cost of doing so is less than what you'd pay for flowers.

For each pet memorialized with a Trees for a Change Vet & Pet Business Memorial Tree Gift Card, a native species tree is planted in a U.S. National Forest. The gift therefore not only helps a grieving pet owner move forward, but it also helps our nation's wildlands recover from the effects of forest fires. The pet owner will receive a link to visit a website and see both photos of the tree planted in their pet's honor and information about its location.

The Trees for a Change Vet & Pet Business Memorial Tree Gift Card is a printed card that fully explains how the gift process works. There is space provided for a personal message to the pet owner, and the recipient gets instructions about how to have their pet's name and photo added to our Pet Memorial Photo Registry. We give you two free shipping options for ordering this gift. We can send it to the recipient directly with your message printed inside or to you with or without a printed message for hand delivery or mailing yourself. Your logo can also be printed inside of the card at no extra charge.

Many veterinary practices and pet businesses prefer to order a supply of the Trees for a Change Vet & Pet Business Memorial Tree Gift Cards in advance, so that they can quickly send one when a client or customer's pet passes away. If you'd like to do the same, we can send you as many of the gift cards as you like, so that you can distribute them as needed. We'll supply you with the email address to let us know the pet's name, when you've given one out and are ready to have a tree planted. When you purchase four or more at a time, we'll even give you a 10 percent bulk discount on your order. Place your order now or feel free to contact us for more information.