Give a tree gift that will grow for years to come...

  • Help restore fire devastated forests and make a difference
  • Impress with our beautiful presentation using 100% recycled paper
  • Wow your recipient when they find their tree location, photos, and their name on our tree registry

U.S. National Forests cover 8.5 percent of the United States, providing roughly 190 million acres of woodlands that serve as the home to many species of animals. These lands belong to all of us and are meant to help preserve the environment for future generations.

Sometimes, areas of U.S. National Forests need our help. When wildfires rip through them, wildlife becomes displaced, and the forests are badly scorched. Replanting trees can help to regrow these areas in order to ensure that they can one day become homes for wildlife again and places where families can explore and discover the beauty of nature.

So how can you help with the important work of reforestation? Trees for a Change is the answer. Trees for a Change is a service that lets you do good while giving gifts to people who matter in your life. We make it possible for you to pay to have a tree or a grove of trees planted in honor of a loved one, friend, customer or employee or in memory of a deceased person or pet. Our tree gifts cost less than the average bouquet of flowers, and they make a big difference for U.S. National Forest lands.

Here's how it works:

  • You purchase the tree gift of your choice using our secure online checkout system.
  • We send out the gift to you or the recipient of your present.
  • A tree or a group of trees is planted in an area of a U.S. Forest that's been damaged by fire.
  • Information about where the tree is located and photos of it are posted online.
  • The recipient of your gift can go online and learn about the tree. They can even use a map to find it and plan a trip to visit it!
  • Trees for a Change gifts are perfect for any occasion. We offer a wide range of gift ideas for individuals and for businesses who want to give a gift that affects real change for a U.S. National Forest and our planet at large. We offer:

  • All Occasion Tree Gifts - Give them for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, thank you gifts and much more!
  • Memorial Tree Gifts - Send your condolences to a friend, family member, or customer by giving a gift that will outlast funeral flowers.
  • Pet Memorials - Provide comfort to someone you love or to a customer who has recently suffered the loss of a pet.
  • Custom Grove of Trees - Let us help you collect funds for a group gift and plant a whole grove of trees in someone's honor.
  • Business Gifts - Recognize employees, send holiday gifts and thank customers for their businesses in the greenest of ways.
  • Fundraising - Make money for your organization while helping to reforest our national wildlands.
  • Favors - Skip trinkets that will soon be forgotten and instead give the gift of a tree for your wedding, shower or other event.
  • At Trees for a Change, we help people and businesses give unique, touching gifts while helping the forests that belong to all of us. Check out our selection of tree gifts now and give a gift that makes a change.

    quoteI am so glad to have discovered Trees for a Change. This was absolutely the best gift I have ever given.end-quote
    ~Danielle B.



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    Sympathy Messages & Condolence Quotes

    When giving a Memorial Tree Gift, writing a condolence message can be challenging. What should you say, and how should you appropriately and thoughtfully express your support for the grieving? You want your heartfelt compassion and kindness to come across, but you don't want to offend in any way at this delicate time. You may want to check out our Sympathy Message Ideas page - it has many sentiments and quotes you can use as you wish. The page also has information about what not to say to someone who is grieving, as well as ideas for ways you can be of help to a family that has experienced a loss. We've set up this page as a resource for our customers, since bereavement can be so hard for everyone.

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