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"The roots for Trees for a Change really sprouted when I was 5 and decided to start my own business selling glittered pine cones on a card table in front of my house. Ever since then I have wanted to own my own business, and I just had to figure out how to combine that desire with my love for nature and making things.

Many years back I started to feel overwhelmed by the commercial focus put on gift giving, especially at Christmas. I noticed that most of the people I cared about already had enough "stuff," so I started making their gifts instead of buying them a new pair of slippers.

My family and friends have endured many of my unique (and sometimes scary) creations over the years including windchimes, photo calendars, garden stepping stones, kaleidoscopes, gift baskets, mixed CDs, keepsake boxes, and jars of olives I picked and cured myself. I give something different each year, and by now they probably wonder what I will come up with next.

I got the idea for Trees for a Change when I was reading that one of the best things you can do for the earth is to plant a tree. Planting a tree in the name of someone you care about really seemed like the perfect gift idea: it benefits the planet, it makes you feel good to be giving a unique and personal gift, and it makes the person you are planting the tree for feel good because something wonderful has been done in their name and because you didn't give them a gift they will eventually get rid of at a yard sale. And for memorials, trees are so much better than flowers- they are a meaningful, living tribute that truly honors someone.

Many months and a lot of work later, we opened for business, excited about the chance to share our enthusiasm for planting trees. I hope you find our Tree Gift to be a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate another person while doing something good for the earth and her future generations. Please know that when you order a gift from Trees for a Change, your gift has been created with the care and attention I would put into gifts for my own family.

I am thrilled to offer you Trees for a Change because a change in the way we give gifts can mean a change in the world. Thanks for stopping by."


Our mission at Trees for a Change is to provide thoughtful, meaningful gifts that live on to restore devastated forest land.

Our Values

~Appreciating the opportunity to provide a very special gift that connects people to nature, and doing our very best to make every Tree Gift perfect, every time.

~Supporting and investing in relationships- between us, clients, and gift recipients

~Respecting the forest, its inhabitants, and the impact of our projects

~Providing excellent customer service, always.

Environmental Policy

Trees for a Change is committed to the environment and to environmentally responsible practices and policies. We strive to make the world a better and greener place not only through the Tree Gifts we offer, but also through the choices we make as we run our business.

The key ways we make the greenest choices possible include:

*We recycle and reuse everything we can, including paper products, packaging, boxes, ink cartridges, etc.

*We strive to minimize our toxic emissions and use of toxic materials whenever possible, whether by tele-commuting, carpooling, carefully planning errands, using soy based-inks for printing, or even riding our bikes to the post office when we can.

*We strongly believe in using products with the highest recycled content possible. What good is planting trees when you just have to cut a bunch down to run a business? The following supplies related to our business are made with high Post Consumer Waste recycled materials or fibers (100%PCW whenever humanly possible): *certificate paper *dark green certificate borders *letterhead *business cards *brochures *Tree Gift Cards and envelopes *large mailing envelopes *small mailing labels *packing materials *shipping labels *wood frames *paper towels *toilet paper

*Our preference when purchasing materials and supplies is to always go with pro-environment product options, and to support small, locally and family owned businesses.

*We conserve natural resources as much as possible, and in any way we can. This might include our use of CFLs, our low flow toilet, our plan to get a hybrid vehicle. Some of our paper even comes from a mill that uses 100% hydropower.

*We strive to be a resource to our customers, not just a place to buy Tree Gifts. We offer extensive information on our website about the impact of planting trees and the good it does us all. We also provide links to where one can buy environmentally friendly products.

No tree will be harmed in the operation of our business, if we can help it!

If you are interested in where we get all these fabulous recycled office supplies, check out our Links page.

Contact Information

Trees for a Change
PO BOX 4351
Santa Rosa, CA 95402
(707) 508-9262

Customer Service Pledge

Customer satisfaction is our goal, so it is very important to us that you are happy with the products and service we provide. If you are ever dissatisfied in any way, please let us know so we can make things right.