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Personalized Tree Gift

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Our Personalized Tree Gift Includes:

The planting of a native species tree in a U.S. National Forest

A personalized tree planting certificate

A card and envelope with your personal message and an explanation of the gift

Your gift recipient's name and the month of the gift recorded on our Tree Gift Registry

Online access to photos and information about where the tree was planted

FREE 1st class shipping in the U.S.



Orders are usually processed in 1-3 business days, and we can ship the Tree Gift to you or directly to the recipient, whichever you choose.

Personalized Tree Gift
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Plant the tree/s for: From: Date you want printed on certificate: Certificate Type:  Frame it for $30?:   See the frame
Add trees to this gift for $10 each?:  Extra copies of certificate- same address-$5:  Message for inside of card: Shipping address- Name, Street, City, State, Zip: Need 2-3 day Priority shipping for $5?: 
  • Personalized Tree Gift Customer Reviews


    Review by- Suzanne C.

    “Mom got her tree today and was just thrilled. She took her certificate and card to show off to her friends this afternoon. She said she was so proud. Thank you for offering such a lovely way for me to tell her how much I love her.”


    Review by- Cynthia R.

    "I sent three tree gifts this holiday season...I got three phone calls, each one more excited than the last, exclaiming about how wonderful and creative this gift was. Thank you so much for providing a fabulous service and an opportunity to wow family members, all in one fell swoop. You rock my world!"


    Review by- Lauren S.

    "We have lots of friends becoming Eagle Scouts and I can't think of a nicer gift to give."


    Review by- Rebecca R.

    “What an awesome site and idea!!! It took me all of thirty seconds to decide that I will be sending many clients and personal tree gifts this year through your company, and using your company in one of my future articles. Congratulations on the wonderful work you do!”


    Review by- Sandy T.

    "I would definitely recommend the Personalized Tree Gift. I will be ordering another one later this month in honor of my boss's daughter's first birthday. I gave one to my father for his 90th birthday. There are many people who would prefer this kind of gift rather than another shirt, sweater or bathrobe. This is much more personal & thoughtful."

  • Are you are really going to plant my tree?

    We know that when you order from Trees for a Change, you are placing your trust in us, and we take that very seriously. There are a few other organizations that plant trees as gifts, and you will not find evidence of actual tree plantings on their websites. Do they visit the trees? No. Can they show you photos of the trees? No. Are they actually planting the trees? Who knows. You can count on us to plant your tree because for us, it is all about the trees. More than anything else, we get our greatest satisfaction from the number of trees we plant each month. Knowing that together we can make positive changes for people and the environment is the reason we are in business, so having the trees planted is our favorite part of our job! Check out our planting locations, information, photos and maps.

    Who actually plants the trees?

    We work with the U.S. National Forest Service to plant the trees. They are forest experts, and they take great care to plant the trees in the places and using the methods that help ensure survival.

    Will my tree have my name on it?

    No. To preserve the natural beauty of the forest, no plaques or signs are put on the trees.

    Can I find out exactly where my tree has been planted?

    Yes, but only after it has been planted. The Forest Service chooses the particular National Forest they think will benefit the most from our reforestation program. So, we cannot tell you exactly where your Tree Gift will be planted at the time of your order, but we can tell you where it was planted the spring after your Tree Gift was ordered.

    When will my tree be planted?

    Our trees are usually planted in the spring, but sometimes they are planted in the fall, depending on the conditions of the particular forest. Whatever time of year you order or receive a Tree Gift, you can be sure that your tree will be planted no later than the following spring.

    Are your trees a mono crop being grown for pulp or lumber?

    Our trees are not a mono crop planted to later be cut down for paper pulp or lumber. Trees for a Change trees are planted to help restore destroyed U.S. National Forests back to their pre-wildfire state.

    Would my tree get planted anyway, even if I didn't order it?

    No. Each tree that is planted is planted specifically because someone ordered it from us.

    Can I pay by check?

    Sure! Just print out your shopping cart "shipping" page and send it along with your contact information to PO BOX 4351 Santa Rosa, CA 95402. Or, we can take your order by phone and you can drop the check in the mail. Please be advised that orders paid for by check usually take 2-3 days longer to process.

    When will you ship my tree gift?

    Orders are usually processed and shipped in 1-3 business days, and we ship USPS Mail. We will send you an email confirmation when we have shipped your gift.

  • We can customize any number of Tree Gifts with your logo and personal message, and we can ship your gifts to you or directly to your recipients. We offer discounts on large orders.

    Please Email Us to send your logo, recipient list, or to ask questions. Or we're happy to talk...(707)508-9262

    Option #1  Personalized Tree Gift in Recycled Frame
    A very special gift in a beautiful frame
    Option #2   Personalized Tree Gift
    The certificate makes it feel personal
    Option #3  Personalized Tree Gift Card
    Each card personally addressed & shipped
    Option #4  Imprinted Tree Gift Card
    All the same message, shipped to you
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    E-Tree Gift
    Our Personalized Tree Gift sent by email
    Printable Instant Tree Gift
    Print now and add to a card or package