Ideas for Sending a Tree Gift Card

When looking for the perfect gift for someone, consider sending aTree Gift Card.    By giving a Tree Gift Card, you are sending a new beginning, and a Tree Gift is a gift that can really change the world.  A Tree Gift Card from Trees for a Change plants a tree in a U.S. National Forest to replace a tree destroyed by wildfire.  Your Tree Gift will grow to restore habitat and food for wildlife, provide clean air, prevent soil erosion and add beauty to our National Forests for many future generations.   A Tree Gift Card is a great gift to share with someone special.   

Send a Tree Card to Celebrate New Beginnings
The birth of a new baby is a special occasion and a new beginning.  Sending a Tree Gift Card and planting a tree to celebrate that new beginning will mark the growth of the child with the growth of the tree, year after year.  Giving a Tree Gift Card each year of a child’s life can fill a forest!
Send a Tree Card in Memoriam 
A tree planted today is a wonderful and generous way to celebrate the life of and memorialize someone special. When you lose someone special, a family member, a friend or a special pet, sending a Tree Gift Card will benefit all the inhabitants of our planet for years and years to come.  It’s a great way for memories to live on and for life to continue. 
Send a Tree Card to Show Your Appreciation to a Teacher
Showing your appreciation to your teacher has become more important than ever,  and finding the right way to do it has become even harder.  Veteran teachers have too many mugs in their cupboards.  Make an impression and truly show your appreciation to your teacher buy giving them a Tree Gift Card.  Organize a classroom gift; a Tree Gift Card from every student makes a forest!  Year after year, imagine the impression teachers make on their students and the lasting impression the teacher will make on the world if given many Tree Gift Cards.  Whether you’re a parent or a student, send a Tree Gift Card to your favorite teacher.
Sending a Tree Gift Card is Rewarding. 
A Tree Gift Card can be sent for many reasons.   “Green Companies”  can give a Tree Gift Card to employees and clients to show appreciation.  A Tree Gift Card makes a perfect favor for a wedding or special occasion instead of candy or a trinket. Schools can also use the Tree Gift Card as a community fundraiser.    Make an impact on our world; send a Tree Gift Card from for a special occasion, or for no occasion at all! 
(Guest post) Bio:  Linda Dunkelberger is a freelance writer and editor.  The article “Ideas for Sending a Tree Gift Card” shares great opportunities for saving the world and sharing it with others. Trees For A Change — Give a Gift, Restore a Forest! For more information on sending a Tree Gift Card see
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