Business Memorial & Sympathy Gifts

Dedicating a tree as a memorial gift from your business is a thoughtful way to express your sympathy to your client families. 
  • A touching and personal tribute
  • Less costly than flowers and other gifts
  • FREE logo set up
  • A memorial that lives on
  • Business Memorial Tree Gift Business Memorial Tree Gift $ 42.00
  • Business Sympathy Card Business Sympathy Card $ 20.00
  • Business Memorial Grove Business Memorial Grove $ 82.00


"Your memorial trees have been such a nice tribute for our clients that are going through difficult times. Thank you for the compassionate and efficient service that you provide." ~Chris W.

"Your customer service is above par. I have had every request answered quickly and pleasantly. I look forward to working with you for many years." ~Debbie H.

CA Memorial Trees


You work hard to build relationships with your customers or clients. When difficult times arrive, expressing your sympathy can help to deepen your relationship, build customer loyalty, and most importantly, lift your customers or clients spirits. Business Memorial Tree Gifts are the perfect way to send along your wishes of sympathy in a professional way.

Business Memorial Tree Gifts are touching tributes to people who have passed away. For less than the cost of the average flower arrangement, you can have a tree planted in a U.S. National Forest in honor of your client or customer's friend or family member. The tree will be a native species and will be placed in an area that is being replanted to help the forest recover from the effects of fire.

When you give one of our Business Memorial Tree Gifts, the recipient will receive a token of your sympathy that includes your logo. We will set up your logo free of charge and ensure that it looks professional on the appropriate materials included with the gift. The recipient will also receive access to an online registry that will show them actual photographs of their tree and tell them its exact location.

Funeral trees

Our Business Memorial Tree Gifts include three different options:

Business Memorial Tree Gift - This is our fully customized option that we can send directly to the intended recipient or to you, so that you can present it to your client or customer directly. This gift includes a card with an explanation of the gift and a personal message that we'll print inside. The recipient also gets a tree planting certificate that bears your logo and information about how to find their tree online.

Business Memorial Tree Gift Card - This option lets you plan ahead, so that you have a gift ready to go whenever you need to send along your condolences. You can order as many as you wish, and we'll ship them to you for free. Each gift card features your logo inside and has room for you to write a message. After you present the card, just email us the name of the person you planted the tree for, and we'll add their name to our registry so their tree can be located.

Business Memorial Grove - Our deluxe gift, this option includes everything that comes with the Business Memorial Tree Gift, but includes the planting of five or more trees rather than just one. The cost is comparable to that of a sympathy arrangement and a very popular option.

With Business Memorial Tree Gifts, you'll show your clients and customers that you care, that your company is green-minded and that you're there for them in this time of need if you can be of assistance. You can learn more about all three of our Business Memorial Tree Gifts options by clicking on the links, and if you have any questions about the gifts or how the process works, we'll be glad to assist you.