Collective Grove


A Collective Grove allows family and friends to plant trees as part of a larger grove to honor or memorialize someone.  Tree contributions are $10 each and trees are planted together.

The final gift to the honoree or their family includes:

  • Trees planted in a National Forest destroyed by wildfire
  • A personalized framed grove certificate with total tree count
  • A card printed with messages from all contributors
  • The honoree's name recorded on our Tree Gift Registry
  • Online access to photos & tree location information

If you'd like to set up a Collective Grove for a memorial or a celebration, please Fill out THIS FORM or call (707) 508-9262. *Please be sure a grove hasn't already been set up- check the names in the drop-down menu.

Set up is FREE, but we do require a minimum of 20 trees in the grove by the time you decide to close the contribution period.

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    Collective Grove

    Trees for a Change

    $ 10.00 
    white-trees-treesforachange Every tree makes a difference - Here's how you can help!

    Tree totals below are updated every 1-2 business days.

    Kyle Chance

    Mark Lamar Plopper

    Hermann Drews

    Michelle Renée Allen

     The McCotter, Taylor & Guerrero Families

    Bradford Lindsey

    Memory tree & Memorial Tree

    Group gifts can be a great way to pay tribute to a person, celebrate a special occasion or express sympathy following a death. After all, you can afford to get something extra special when everyone pulls their money together. But what's the special something that you should buy? And how will you collect all the money? 

    If you want to give a group gift that is extra special without having to go through any hassles at all, a Trees for a Change Collective Grove of Trees is a great solution! Your group gift will pay to have an small or large grove of trees planted in a U.S. National Forest in an area that suffered damage due to forest fires. The recipient of your gift will be able to go online and view the location of their grove. They'll even be able to view real photographs of the site.

    With the gift, your recipient gets:

    - A listing in our Tree Gift Registry with their name and the month the gift was given.

    - A personalized card that explains the gift fully, provides information about how to view the tree and lists the names and personal messages of everyone who contributed.

    - A tree planting certificate personalized with his or her name and the date. The certificate is sent framed in a black recycled wood frame.

    Here's how the Collective Grove works:

    1. You set up a Collective Grove with us. There is no fee to do so, and you don't have to pay anything up front. You let us know the name of the person that you're collecting for and set up a final date for contributions. We'll go to work and get everything set up, and then we'll send you a link and info to share with others.

    2. You spread the word about the Collective Grove. Send an email or a text or post on social media or make some phone calls. You can tell everyone however you wish. They only need to be given the link to make their contribution.

    3. Your contributors visit this page and pay for their contribution. It only costs $10 to purchase one tree, and contributors can add multiple trees if they wish. They also can add a personal message to the gift recipient.

    4. When the contribution period ends, we prepare the gift items outlined above, as long as there have been at least 20 trees paid for. We make arrangements to have the trees planted and ship the gift package either to you or to the recipient via USPS 2-4 day Priority Mail free of charge.

    For more information about our Trees for a Change Collective Grove of Trees or to set up your grove, send us an email at or call us at (707) 508-9262.