Why Tree Gifts are Great for Corporate Events

25 July, 2018

*This is a guest post courtesy of Ariel Chiu, Principal Planner and Owner at Wonderstruck Weddings & Events.*

There is never any shortage of events for your business or corporation, which means you constantly need to think of gifts to hand out to your clients and/or employees. It can be difficult trying to think of something unique every time, rather than something boring like basic stationery with your corporate logo on it.

If you need something new and thoughtful as a great new gift at a corporate event, tree gifts are growing in popularity. They come in one of two forms: a tree that is planted in honor of your guests, or an actual tree sapling they can take home and plant themselves. Here's why tree gifts are great gifts for corporate events:

Tree Dedications

Tree dedications as gifts work by ordering from a company like Trees for a Change that plants the trees in a forest that needs restoration due to fires, floods, or other types of wide-scale deforestation. As a gift, you can purchase all the trees needed for the people on your guest list and have the donations made in their name, and present them with the card that acts as a physical presentation of the donation. There are a few reasons why this makes a great gift for a corporate event:

  • It makes your guests feel good for contributing to a worthy cause
  • It is a highly unique type of gift rather than the usual swag no one ever actually uses
  • It can help generate good PR for your company (the cards can include your logo)

The latter reason is especially true for companies that work in any semi-related sphere to the environment, or if they are located close to a National Forest as part of their community.

Tree Saplings

Another type of tree gift that you can give out are actual saplings. There are advantages and disadvantages to using these as a tree gift instead of a dedication. The advantage is the person gets a physical gift of their own — which they might prefer — but the disadvantage is that there's no guarantee the tree will be planted or properly cared for to make sure it can grow.

However, there's no reason why you can't try both! You'll undoubtedly have future events where you can try one, and then the other. Saplings work great as gifts around relevant holidays — give an evergreen tree sapling out around Christmas, or any of the better looking local tree species around Arbor Day. Then, at a different corporate event that doesn't have that convenient timing, you can opt for tree dedications as your event gift.


About the Author:

Ariel Chiu is the Principal Planner and Owner of Wonderstruck Weddings & Events, a corporate event and wedding planning company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Ariel Understands how special life events can be. She believes that these important memories should be cherished. Ariel feels honored to have been involved with successfully organizing and coordinating weddings in any season, and bringing dreams to life through her confessions.

A Creative Tribute to a Favorite Teacher

15 March, 2018

A beloved high school science teacher, Eric Thiel, recently passed away the day after retiring.   

Two of his students, Amita and Jenna, decided to put on a benefit concert to add trees to his memorial grove. The concert, held at their school, had 16 amazing acts by 20 student performers. Kids sang- including a few originals, played several instruments, and did all the coordination for the event. The concert was a huge success, attended by about 100 students, family and friends.


The girls were proud to have raised enough to add 75 trees to Eric Thiel's grove!    

Amita and Jenna said, "Mr Thiel...continues to inspire us to follow our true passions and brightest dreams, and be the best versions of ourselves. While we may not have gotten the chance to play Ukulele on the warm Hawaiian sands with him or see him on our graduation day, Mr. Thiel will always be our outstanding mentor, role model, and friend."

We have the honor of planting trees for a lot of people here at Trees for a Change, and we were particularly touched by these girls and their love for this special educator. Thanks for making us smile, Amita and Jenna! 






Arbor Day Tree Photo Winners 2017

01 May, 2017

 Congratulations to our winners: 

 Susan Novak

 Diane Marsek

 Jill Cournoyer

 Linda Saxon

Check out all our incredible entries in our tree photos contest this year.

The Story of One Family's Visit to the Trees

01 September, 2016

Marilyn Fike lived a life full of love, family and adventures. When she passed away in 2014, Marilyn's daughter Melissa organized a Custom Grove.  
After many friends and family members contributed, Marilyn's Grove ended up with 90 trees in Mendocino National Forest in California. It was a total pleasure to work with this family as we shared a lot of correspondence about the grove and their planned visit over the course of the last two years.
On Father's Day weekend of this year, 10 of Marilyn's family and friends from all over the western U.S. made a pilgrimage to see her trees. Below is part of the story shared with us by Dick, Marilyn's husband of 60 years.  Photos were shared by Melissa.
"Saturday June 18th family and friends gathered at Granzella's in Williams. Melissa totally surprised me with a memorial pictorial book depicting Marilyn's life chronologically.  It is beautiful!  I was a blubbering mess for a long time.

Sunday morning we set off in two 4 wheel drive SUV's. It was a joy to find some of Marilyn's trees.  The natural rejuvenation of the forest surprised me.  Mother Nature is wonderful!  The trees are thriving.   It was a Grand Experience for everyone!

Monday we went home; some to Seattle, one to Forestville, two to Sebastopol, two to Pleasant Hill, two to Sacramento and two to San Jose.  

And it was Father's Day - certainly the best I've ever had and will never forget.

As I said in the beginning, this all was possible because of your vision.  
Bless you and thank you!"

Dick Fike

Tree Babies Planted in Tahoe National Forest

23 August, 2016

memorial tree babyTrees ordered from us between April 2015 - March 2016 were recently planted in Tahoe National Forest this summer.                                                                                                             Click HERE to check out our baby tree photos and maps of the planting location.  We gave the tree babies lots of love on our visit :)

7th Annual Tree Photo Contest!

18 April, 2016

It's time for our 7th Annual Tree Photo Contest!  Yay!
We like to commemorate Arbor Day every year by having a contest to celebrate the
beauty of trees.  Anyone can enter, and you would win $100, $50 or $35 credit at Trees for a Change  as a prize!       

Learn more HERE       Please share with friends! 

Check out some of the amazing photos that have been submitted in years past.  Here are just a few:
Christina DiPietro Contest-Photo3 Contest-Photo4 christopher Contest-Photo5  Contest-Photo6Contest-Photo7
 megan  Contest-Photo8 jan Contest-Photo9

Welcome to our new Order Processor, Michelle :)

31 March, 2016

MichelleWe're thrilled to have Michelle Barnes join the Trees for a Change team. If you order any kind of Tree Gift, chances are Michelle will be the one processing and shipping your order. She sometimes helps with customer service, too.
Michelle-familyWhen she's not lovingly preparing your Tree Gifts, she can be found painting in her studio, dressing up her dachshund, or hanging out with her family, and she's probably wearing a tie dyed shirt she made herself (she's quite the artist!)
Michelle brings outstanding enthusiasm, attention to detail, and a caring heart to our organization. We are beyond happy to have her!

Guest Post: Everything You Need for The Perfect Wedding

07 October, 2015

By Natasha Austero, a professional wedding planner. 

wedding shoes

We all know that there are some huge decisions to be made when you are planning your wedding: what kind of venue will you choose? Where should you shop to find the perfect dress? What will you do about music? How will you choose the cake? But what many brides and grooms-to-be don’t realize is that there are many small decisions that will go into your wedding as well. What truly makes for a beautiful, unique, and memorable wedding is supreme attention to detail. Does the thought of more planning make you feel overwhelmed? Don’t worry—we’ve got the breakdown of what it takes to make your wedding stand out from the rest.

Stand Out with Personalized Details

Your wedding is a chance to make a statement, celebrate your marriage and, above all, have fun with your family and friends. One way to help your wedding feel more “you” is through personalized details that will express your love and stand out to your guests. I love online retailer Gracious Bridal for their beautiful wedding décor and supplies. From personalized cake toppers to custom coasters, your options are myriad. To get you started, one adorable option is custom napkins. They’re functional, of course, but they are also sweet and stylish. Choose a bright, spirited design for a bridal shower, then opt for something more elegant for your wedding reception. Personalized napkins give you a chance to add your wedding date, names, and even lines of text if you’d like to include a special message to your guests. Play around with the design and be sure to have some fun.

Personalized match boxes are another high-style option for customizing your wedding: they can be practical favors for your guests to slip into their pockets and purses, utilized during your sparkler send off, or even used by groomsmen to light up a celebratory cigar after the couple says I do. Whether your wedding theme is sleek and modern or ornate and romantic, you’ll be sure to find the perfect design, shape, and message to utterly charm your guests.


Send Off Guests with Unique Favors

Wedding favors have long been a part of wedding tradition, so the chance to leave your guests something truly unique can be tricky. One amazing trend that we’re completely on board with is using the wedding favor as a chance to do some good in the world. Trees for a Change is based on the lovely idea that with each customized card that you purchase, a portion of the profit is set aside to plant a native-species tree in a fire-damaged forest. The cards themselves are eco-friendly, and can be printed with the bride and groom’s photo and a special message. On the opposite side of the card, guests will learn that a tree has been planted on their behalf. All in all, it’s a wonderful symbol of life and growth that’s perfect for celebrating your new life together!

Introducing our New Website!

02 September, 2015

As of September 1st 2015, we've got a brand NEW website!  
Check it out at

New features:
*Sign up for a Customer Account for faster checkout
*Improved Find Your Tree features
*Read and write product Reviews
~Tree Quote~
"Of all the wonders of nature, a tree in summer is perhaps the most remarkable; with the possible exception of a moose singing 'Embraceable You' in spats."        ~Woody Allen

Tree Updates & Photos

16 July, 2015

Tree Photo Contest Winners!  
Our Annual Arbor Day Tree Photo contest was a lot of fun this year- thank you to all who participated.
Lea Goode-Harris
1st Place: Lea Goode-Harris
Kathleen Quinn
2nd Place:   Kathleen Quinn
Linda Saxon
Tied for 3rd Place: Linda Saxon
Michaela McGivern
    Tied for 3rd Place: Michaela McGivern
New Tree Photos on our website!
We planted 3036 longleaf pines in 
Blackwater River State Forest in Longleaf-pinesFlorida earlier this year.
Due to wildfires and extensive hurricane damage, Blackwater River is home to struggling populations of red cockaded woodpeckers, gopher tortoises and Florida black bears.
The trees we planted there will help restore the forest and habitat for the critter.
~Tree Quote~
"Going to the woods is going home."
        -John Muir
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