FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the trees planted? 

We work with the U.S. Forest Service to choose the areas most in need of our trees. Our current planting location is Sequoia National Forest.

Can I choose where the trees are planted?

Our mission here at Trees for a Change is to provide thoughtful, meaningful gifts that live on to restore fire devastated forest lands.  It would be nice if we could offer more choice in planting areas, but our priority is planting trees where they are needed most. We hope you agree that when it comes to giving a gift that is about LIFE, a gift that truly honors someone, putting the trees where that life will make the biggest difference is the best thing we could possibly do. Please visit this page for more information.

When will the trees be planted?

We estimate about how many trees we'll need to plant for each calendar year, then the trees are planted that year in the early summer (this is the best time for survival.) We move our planting project to a new location once we've dedicated all the trees we planted that year. We do things this way so folks who receive tree gifts in the last half of the year don't have to wait all the way until the following summer to find out about their trees. Rest assured, each and every tree gift given through Trees for a Change has a baby tree or trees accounted for in the designated planting location.

How are you different from other tree dedication organizations? 

*We provide a name registry so folks can track their tree location

*We take photos of the baby trees and post them on the website

*We visit the trees in the future and take updated photos

*We provide tree location maps & directions so folks can visit their trees

*We are woman-owned 

How will my gift recipient know where the trees are planted? 

The card that accompanies the tree gift has information printed on the inside left. This info explains the gift and directs the recipient to the "Find Trees" feature on the website. 

How do I track a tree location?

Visit our Find a Tree page and you can search for a tree by NAME or DATE.

Who actually plants the trees?

We work with the U.S. National Forest Service to plant the trees. They are forest experts, and they take great care to plant the trees in the places and using the methods that help ensure survival. 

Will my trees have a name on them?

To preserve the natural beauty of the forest, no plaques or signs are put on the trees. 

When will you ship my tree dedication gift?

Orders are usually processed and shipped in 1-2 business days (could take a little longer during the holidays.)  We use USPS Mail, and we'll send you a tracking number by email when we have shipped your gift.  Orders shipped by Priority Mail usually take 2-4 days to arrive, orders shipped 1st class usually take 3-7 days to arrive.

I need the certificate ASAP. Can you email it to me?

Sure!  We have printable Tree Gifts available here.  Just place your order and you'll receive the gift via email within a few minutes.

How can I have extra certificates or cards mailed to different addresses?  

We can offer these options for Tree Gifts of 5 or more trees only. Please contact us at customerservice(at) - (707) 508-9262

Can I have new trees planted near trees I've dedicated in the past?

Contact us and we'll see if we can help with that. CustomerService(at) - (707) 508-9262

Can I design a certificate with custom wording?

Sure- just put your wording in the "Plant the trees/ for" field on the order form.  For example, you can enter "Jessica passing the BAR Exam" and we'll center your entry and the certificate will read

A Tree Has Been Planted
in a U.S. National Forest
in Honor of
Jessica passing the BAR Exam


Still have questions? Email us at or call us at (707) 508-9262

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