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  • A living gift that will truly last
  • Dedicate Celebration Trees Dedicate Celebration Trees $ 28.00
  • Dedicate Memorial Trees Dedicate Memorial Trees $ 28.00
  • Instant Gift Card Instant Gift Card $ 15.00


"I am so glad to have discovered Trees for a Change. This was absolutely the best gift I have ever given." ~Deborah B.

CA Memorial Trees


You forgot about a birthday. You neglected to get that hostess gift or just found out about the birth of a baby you thought wasn't due to arrive for awhile. Someone gave you a holiday present and you forgot to give one back. You just remembered you didn't get a teacher's appreciation gift for the end of the year!

Whatever the reason you're faced with a gift giving emergency, you don't need to feel badly! Everyone loses track of things or gets unexpected gift-giving surprises from time to time. That's why Trees for a Change offers Tree Gifts in a Hurry! Our tree gifts are perfect for any occasion, and you can have it soon after you've finished checking out.

Doesn't that take the panic away? Good. Now, you can calm down and learn more about our green Tree Gifts in a Hurry!

With any of our Tree Gifts in a Hurry, your gift goes to fund the planting of a native species tree in a part of a U.S. National Forest that has been badly damaged by fire. Once the tree is planted, the recipient of your gift can actually view pictures of it online and learn its exact location. Some people even plan vacations to U.S. National Forests to see them in person and enjoy the beauty of our nation's woodlands. Trees for a Change gifts truly make a difference for the planet, and they're perfect for people of all ages. Plus, they're available for less than the cost of flowers and other common gifts.

Funeral trees

There are two ways that you can purchase Tree Gifts in a Hurry:

Dedicate Celebration or Memorial Trees - Paperless notification of a tree gift? What could be more eco friendly!? With this option, you'll get a personalized and printable pdf certificate sent directly to your email inbox within just a few minutes of ordering. You can order 1, 5 or 10 trees, and personalize the recipient's name, the from name, a short message and the date.

Printable Instant Tree Gift - With this option, you'll get a tree gift the moment that you're finished paying for the tree gift! The gift provides a printable card that fully explains how the gift works. Once you've printed it, you can add a personalized message of your choosing. To print the gift, just click the Download button once your order is processed. We'll get the recipient's name added to the Tree Gift Registry and send in the order to have the tree planted in his or her honor.

One of our Tree Gifts in a Hurry is sure to solve your last minute gift problem in the greenest of ways and provide a present that will touch the heart of whomever receives it! Order one today.