How it Works

  • Order a Tree Gift

    Order a Tree Gift

    Certificate and/or card are shipped to you or recipient

  • Trees Are Planted

    Trees Are Planted

    National Forest locations are chosen based on greatest need

  • Photos Posted

    Photos Posted

    We put tree photos, maps and driving directions online

  • Online Access

    Online Access

    Instructions for looking up forest info are included with gift

  • Forest is Restored

    Forest is Restored

    A burned forest finds life once again, recipients can visit anytime

Want a gift that really stands out? Give a tree gift.

Finding a meaningful way to truly show you care can be challenging. Gifts tend to be quickly forgotten, regifted, or discarded, like flowers that wither away. That's why we offer something different: tree dedications. When you dedicate a tree in a National Forest in need of restoration, you're giving a gift that lasts, grows, and contributes to the environment. We help you make your gift matter...not just today, but for generations to come.

Why Trees? U.S. National Forests provide roughly 190 million acres of woodlands that serve as home to many species of animals. When wildfires strike, wildlife becomes displaced and the forests are badly scorched. Replanting trees can help to regrow these areas in order to ensure that they can one day become homes for wildlife again and places where families can explore and discover the beauty of nature.

Give a tree gift.

So how can you help with the important work of reforestation? Trees for a Change is the answer. Trees for a Change is a service that lets you do good while giving gifts to people who matter in your life. We make it possible for you to pay to have a tree or a grove of trees planted in honor of a loved one, friend, customer or employee or in memory of a deceased person or pet. Our tree gifts cost less than the average bouquet of flowers, and they make a big difference for U.S. National Forest lands.

  • Help restore fire devastated forests and make a difference
  • Impress with our beautiful presentation using 100% recycled paper
  • Wow your recipient when they find their tree location, photos, and their name on our tree registry

We've planted 205,203 trees since 2007

Every single tree makes a difference, and we're honored to do this work with your help.

Why Our Trees do
the Most Good

The U.S. Forest Service has identified MILLIONS of acres of National Forest land that are in "desperate need of restoration," areas where fire has destroyed the forest beyond its natural ability to regrow itself. Our trees are always planted in these special areas- the areas that need the most help right now . Forests that used to be thriving and green would be dead and desolate for decades to come without our help. Planting trees with us offers these forests new hope.

Why Our Trees do the Most Good
Why You Should Trust Us

Why You Should Trust Us

We are the ONLY tree gift company that does all this:

  • We work with the Forest Service to plant the trees and we know exactly where they are
  • We take photos of our baby trees and post them on the website, then post updated photos of growth through the years
  • We offer a name registry, tree location info and even the option to visit the trees
  • We operate with integrity, transparency and love

We help people and businesses give unique, touching gifts while helping the forests that belong to all of us.

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Check out our selection of tree gifts now and give a gift that makes a change.

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Trees for a Change

What Our Customers Are Saying

I am so glad to have discovered Trees for a change.This was absolutly the best gift I have ever given.

Danielle B


A different type of gift; enduring, sensible and a true joy for the giver also. Well done "Trees for a Change", well done.

Ronald J


Trees for a Change allows us to honor our clients who have passed in such a beautifully meaningful has touched people so deeply and will continue to benefit all who remain for generations to come. Thank you for your work.

Erin W


This gift has been soooo well received. I could not be happpier with your company. Thank you very much.

Mary A


I have been using this service for years now, and I am very pleased with it. It's a very thoughtful gift to send, and my clients who receive it are always thankful. Thank you Trees for a Change for your amazing, wonderful work.

Kevin V


Beautiful idea to honor a loved one. The family was so happy to recieve such a memorable gift.

Dawn B


We absolutely love Trees for a Change's mission. We have been using this service for a few years now and have recommended them to many of our friends.

Meg D


Not only a support to a great cause but what a great way to make any recipient and their family feel connected with Mother Nature. This organization is extremely easy to work with. 10 stars if I could!

Victoria M