Vet & Pet Business Memorial Gifts

Dedicating a tree is a personal way to honor the memory of an animal you've worked with

  • A touching sympathy gift for a pet's family
  • A thoughtful gift that's a lasting memorial
  • Vet & Pet Business Memorial Tree Gift Vet & Pet Business Memorial Tree Gift $ 42.00
  • Vet & Pet Business Sympathy Cards Vet & Pet Business Sympathy Cards $ 22.00
  • Vet & Pet Business Sympathy Cards Bulk Vet & Pet Business Sympathy Cards Bulk $ 16.50


"Our office plants a tree each time a family loses a pet, and our families are always so grateful and touched." ~Monica L.

"Our animal wellness clinic has planted between 60 and 80 trees since we started using Trees for a Change. People are really attached to their animals, and animals do a lot for us when they are alive. It's a nice thing to have a memorial to the animal that is alive.” ~Christine C.

CA Memorial Trees


For vet practices and pet businesses like groomers, doggie day cares and pet supply stores, building relationships with clients is of the utmost importance. When a client's pet passes away, expressing your sympathy shows that you value that relationship and can provide great comfort in a time of need. Trees for a Change makes it easy for vets and pet businesses to offer condolences with our Vet & Pet Business Memorial Gifts.

The gift of a Trees for a Change Vet & Pet Business Memorial Gift is a gift that lasts a lifetime. For a very small price, the memorial gift allows a tree to be planted in a fire-damaged area of a U.S. National Forest in honor of the deceased pet. Once the tree is planted, the pet owner will be able to see photos of the tree and learn its exact location on an official website. In addition, pet owners can opt to have their pets included on our Pet Memorial Photo Registry, which includes a special photo, the pet's name and the date and month of its passing.

Funeral trees

Veterinary practices, animal hospitals and pet businesses can choose from three options:

Vet & Pet Business Memorial Tree Gift - Our deluxe option, this gift includes the gift card as well as a certificate that is suitable for framing. The certificate includes a message about the gift, the name of the pet and your logo in full color. We can ship the certificate in a beveled dark chocolate recycled wood frame for a small additional fee. Like the gift card, the tree gift can be sent to you or directly to your client.

Vet & Pet Business Memorial Tree Gift Card - This option allows you to send a touching token of sympathy to the owners of a deceased pet for a low price. With this gift, the pet owner receives a handsome folded card that provides details about the memorial tree. Your logo will appear right on the card, and there is space available to add a message of sympathy. We give you the option to have us mail the card with a printed message to the recipient or to have the card sent to you for completion and handling.

Bulk Vet & Pet Business Memorial Tree Gift Cards - Many businesses and veterinary practices choose our bulk offer in order to be able to quickly and affordably send sympathy letters to clients. This offer allows you to purchase five or more gift cards ahead of time at a special discounted price. When you distribute a card to a client, you'll email us the pet's name so that we can initiate the planting process and have the pet added to the registry.

All of the Trees for a Change Vet & Pet Business Memorial Gifts are much less than the cost of flowers and are shipped for free to any location in the U.S. While the investment that your veterinary practice, animal hospital or pet business will make in the gift is minimal, the positive effect that your gift will have on someone grieving the loss of a pet is profound.