A Pet Memorial That Does Some Good

Press Release February 2013

A living memorial to a furry friend can help restore a forest in need

Trees for a Change, an organization that plants trees as gifts, now offers a Pet Memorial Tree Gift. The gifts are $20 to $35, and each includes the planting of a tree, a personalized card and optional certificate, the pet’s photo and name on their online pet registry, and access to information about where the tree was planted, including photos.

Since opening in 2007, Trees for a Change has planted over 13,000 trees in U.S. National Forests that have been destroyed by wildfire. The trees are all native species to each area, and help restore forests that are important habitat for wildlife. The trees are planted for all occasions, including memorials, birthdays, weddings, and now pet memorials.

“I love this idea” says, Ronnie Roche, who planted a tree in memory of her cat Scamper. “Planting a tree that will live on in Scamper’s name makes me feel good, and I like seeing her photo on the website with all the other pets.”

When Debbie Cooley lost her beloved dog, Niko, she was inconsolable. “My dog was part of the family, so when she died, I was devastated. My friend Cindy planted a tree for Niko and sent me the certificate. It was such a thoughtful gift. I will definitely give these Pet Memorial Trees as gifts in the future to my friends when they loose an animal.”

The organization’s mission, according to founder Kim Isley, is to “offer personal and meaningful gifts that connect people to nature and help the planet.” An adoring pet owner herself, Isley feels good about the new pet memorials. “Most of us can’t bear the thought of losing our critters, but knowing their memory lives on in a tree—that, I think, is a comfort to people. I know it would be to me.”

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