All Our Tree Gifts

Far too many gifts are only fleeting. Send along flowers, and they'll be dead within a few days. Candy quickly gets eaten, and how many neckties, bottles of perfume and pieces of jewelry can a person really use? A card is a nice gesture for many occasions, but what can be done with it after it's read?  Most things we buy only end up contributing waste to landfills or end up sitting unused in boxes, on shelves and in drawers.

What if you could give a gift that would last a lifetime, touch the recipient's heart and help the planet?

Give trees as gifts with Trees for a Change, and you can.

A Trees for a Change gift tree sends a message to the recipient to let them know just how you feel, and it does good for the planet. With each gift purchased, a tree is planted in an area of a U.S. National Forest that has been ravaged by fire and desperately needs to be recultivated. The gift contributes to the process, helping to preserve the forests that belong to all of us and ensure that they'll be there for the next generation to enjoy. 

Unlike charitable donation gifts where money becomes anonymously spent, a Trees for a Change gift is trackable and allows the recipient to find out just what the gift in their honor was used to do. When you contribute a tree in the name of someone, the recipient receives online access to photos of the tree in the exact place where it was planted, and they'll get the geographic location of the tree. They may even one day decide to visit the spot and see how their gift tree has helped the forest regrow.

Trees for a Change offers eco-friendly trees as gifts for all types of occasions. Our gifts are appropriate for memorials to express your sympathy to friends and clients, and we even have uniquely designed memorials for pets. Our business gifts can be given as a thank you or as a holiday gift, and we offer special cards to welcome new babies. We also offer special wedding favors and have fundraising opportunities available. When in doubt, our All Occasion Tree Gifts are the perfect way to send a tree, and if you need a last minute gift, our Printable Tree Gifts and Cards will get there in time.

Giving a Trees for a Change gift is the perfect way to make your present green, meaningful and something that can be treasured and remembered for all time. Best of all, the cost of a Trees for a Change gift is less than what you'd expect to pay to have a floral arrangement delivered, so it's an economical choice that will fit your budget or save your business money on corporate gifts.

Explore the many options available for adopting a tree now and find the best way to give a gift, restore a forest and send a special message to a special person. Check out all of our gift tree options above.