Tree Wedding Favors

Looking for the perfect green wedding favors?

Our Tree Gift Cards are the ideal way to say you care about your gift recipient and the environment. We can customize large numbers of Tree Gift Cards with your wedding date information, personal message, and photo.

We offer special discounts on large orders of Tree Gift Cards.

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Favors are an expected part of the modern wedding celebration, but how often are the trinkets that are waiting for you on the table really practical? Most of the time, wedding favors are quickly forgotten once guests return home, and the packaging used to present them ends up in landfills, contributing to waste problems. For green-minded couples, these are major problems, large enough ones to make it tempting to break from tradition and forgo favors entirely. Fortunately, there is a way to show guests appreciation for their attendance while still keeping to your green philosophy--Trees for a Change Wedding Favors are the answer!

Trees for a Change Wedding Favors are sustainable wedding favors that are printed on eco friendly cards, but they're more than just items that are placed on tables at a reception. Each one that you purchase pays to have a native species tree planted in a fire-damaged area of a U.S. National Forest. As a result, your wedding favors make a positive eco impact and show your appreciation to your guests in a way that lasts. Your guests will even be able to go online and see photos of their tree, and their names will be added to our online Tree Gift Registry.

- Tree Gift Postcard Favor - If you're looking for a more economical solution for wedding favors, the Tree Gift Postcard Favor is the perfect choice. Instead of a bifold card, you receive a postcard with our logo on the front. On the reverse of the card is a message similar to what's inside of the Custom Printed Tree Gift Card, explaining the gift to your guest. The main difference between the two is the style of the card and the lack of personalization. A minimum purchase of 20 postcard favors is required.

- Custom Printed Tree Gift Card Favor - With this gift, the attendees at your wedding will receive a unique card that can be kept as a keepsake of your day. Our logo appears on the cover of the bifold card. On the left side of the interior is a message that explains that a tree has been planted in the recipients honor and that he or she can go online to see the tree and learn where it was planted. On the other side, we will print your names, wedding date and a message of your choosing. We can even print a full-color picture of the two of you inside of the card.

Whether you choose the custom favors or our favor postcards, Trees for a Change Wedding Favors cost about as much as most traditional wedding favors but don't come at the cost of the planet. We provide bulk discounts for large orders to make your purchase as affordable as possible, and we'll ship the completed favors to you for free. For more information about our favor options or to find out more about the bulk pricing program, please contact us at or (707)508-9262. You can click on the boxes above to learn more about the favors.