Postcard Tree Gift Favor

Includes for each gift:

  • The planting of a native species tree in a U.S. National Forest
  • A postcard explaining our Tree Gift -- all cards are the same.
  • Your gift recipient's name on our online tree gift registry
  • FREE Shipping

*We offer a discount on large orders*

Please contact us at or call

(707) 508-9262 for more information.

Please note there is a minumum order of 20 for these favors.

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Postcard Tree Gift Favor

Trees for a change

$ 18.00 
Every tree makes a difference - Here's how you can help!

Trying to keep your wedding celebration as green as possible? There are many ways that you can make your ceremony and reception earth friendly, and one of the most important parts of minimizing a celebration's eco footprint is choosing the right favors. Conventional wedding favors tend to be anything but green, as they often feature plastics derived from oil or non-recycled paper boxes. Plus, most wedding favors end up being forgotten or thrown away, meaning the money spent on them isn't really put to good use.

Fortunately, you've found the perfect economical alternative that will make your wedding greener and have a hugely positive impact on the planet--Trees for a Change Tree Gift Postcard Favors.


The cost of a Trees for a Change Tree Gift Postcard Favor pays for one tree to be replanted in an area of a U.S. National Forest that has been damaged by fire. That means that if you purchase one favor each for 100 guests, you'll have paid to replant 100 trees in a forest that direly needs help. Your guests will actually be able to go online and see photos of their trees, so they can fully appreciate the gift. They'll also be able to find out the exact locations of their trees in case they ever want to visit the U.S. National Forest and check on their gifts. For posterity, all of your guests’ names will be added to our Tree Gift registry.


For each Trees for a Change Tree Gift Postcard Favor that you purchase, you'll receive a postcard that you can present to a guest at the wedding. The postcard has our Trees for a Change logo on one side. On the other side of the card is information about how the tree gift works and website addresses for viewing the Tree Gift Registry and finding their trees online.

If you'd like a personalized gift card that also includes a message from you, your names, your wedding date and a photograph, check out our Trees for a Change Custom Printed Tree Gift Card Favors.


With Trees for a Change Tree Gift Postcard Favors, you can pay to have a tree planted and a souvenir gift card printed on eco-friendly paper for less than the cost of most conventional wedding favors. The minimum purchase requirement is just 20 favors, and we can provide bulk discounts on large orders. Email or call (707) 508-9262 for specific pricing information for orders of NUMBER or more.


When you choose Trees for a Change Tree Gift Postcard Favors as your wedding favors, you can count on us to make the entire process as easy as possible, so you can focus on planning the other parts of your wedding. All that you need to do is provide us with a guest list, and we'll handle the rest. Once your gift postcards are printed and the plantings have been arranged, we will send your order to you for free via U.S. Priority Mail service. Your guests are sure to love their tree gift favors, and you'll feel great knowing your wedding has done something good for the planet.