Memorial Trees

Plant a Tree in Memory- it's a thoughtful way to express your sympathy and allow the memory of someone special to live on.

  • A unique, touching and affordable tribute
  • Truly lasting, unlike sympathy flowers
  • Memorial Tree Gift Memorial Tree Gift $ 42.00
  • Memorial Grove Memorial Grove $ 82.00
  • Memorial Tree Sympathy Cards Memorial Tree Sympathy Cards $ 20.00
  • Collective Grove Collective Grove $ 10.00
A grove of trees planted in a forest as a living tribute to honor loved ones.

Plant a Memorial Tree as a Lasting Tribute

If you’re struggling to find unique, thoughtful and lasting memorial gift ideas amongst all the sympathy flowers and cheesy trinkets, we’re so glad you’re here.

Few tributes are as meaningful and long lasting as planting trees. Our customers often describe our memorial tree planting as a wonderful service that brings comfort and hope during difficult times.

When someone passes, here’s what usually happens: Their loved ones are inundated with funeral flowers that can brighten up a home for a short period of time but die days later and are then put in the trash.

Not exactly uplifting, is it? That’s why we offer Memorial Trees, a living tribute to honor the departed for generations. These tree gifts stand out in a memorable way, serving as a living memorial and have deep meaning for the loved ones who receive them.

Entire hillside of pine, fir and cedar trees burned by wildfire in Plumas National Forest.

The Need for Restoration in Our National Forests

There are over 1 million acres of National Forest land currently in desperate need of restoration, according to the National Forest Service.

Our nation's forests have been devastated by wildfires, drought, disease and severe weather events-- taking a huge toll on wildlife habitat and precious ecosystems.

A wide view of an area thick with trees in a National Forest with mountains in the background.

When you Plant Memorial Trees, you Make an Impact

Dedicate trees in memory of someone who has died through Trees for a Change, and the trees will be planted where they are needed most. Our trees are always native species trees and they are planted in National Forests desperate for restoration.  By supporting reforestation efforts, your gift will help restore areas of woodlands that have been destroyed by wildfires. The trees are placed in areas that have been destroyed by wildfires, so your gift will make a lasting difference and help an area of woodlands recover and regain its former beauty.

When someone plants trees as a memorial, the recipient of the gift will be able to see photographs of the trees and planting location maps online. They can even go visit if they wish. The trees help comfort grieving loved ones by giving them life and growth and hope to focus on.

Small pine tree planted in a National Forest to honor a special occasion or to commemorate the life of a loved one.

Four Memorial Tree Planting Options

1) The Memorial Tree or more trees, includes a personalized certificate and a card with your message.

2) The Memorial Grove...plants 5 or more trees, include a personalized certificate and a card with your message.

3) The Memorial Tree Gift Card...a simple way to plant a tree in memory, includes one card only

4) The Collective Grove...allows folks to contribute trees to a large grove in the name of the deceased.

Trees planted as memorials in Gallatin National Forest.

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