Memorial Trees & Sympathy Gifts

Planting memorial trees is a thoughtful way to express your sympathy and allow the memory of someone special to live on.
  • A unique, touching and affordable tribute
  • Truly lasting, unlike sympathy flowers
  • Memorial Tree Gift Memorial Tree Gift $ 42.00
  • Memorial Grove Memorial Grove $ 82.00
  • Memorial Tree Sympathy Cards Memorial Tree Sympathy Cards $ 20.00
  • Custom Grove of Trees Custom Grove of Trees $ 10.00
CA Memorial Trees

Plant a Tree in Memory...A Gift That Lives On

Is it possible to find unique, thoughtful and lasting memorial gift ideas amongst all the sympathy flowers and cheesy trinkets? YES! Few tributes to loved ones will last as long as planting trees in the name of someone who has passed.

After suffering a loss, people are inundated with funeral flowers and plants that can brighten up a home for a short period of time only to die and be thrown away. Available for a fraction of the cost of flowers or plants, our memorial trees are gifts that live on and honor the departed for generations. As a result, these tree gifts serve as reminders of life and have deep meaning for the loved ones who receive them. Plus, this gift will stand out amongst those ordinary flowers and plants and send your wishes of sympathy in a memorable way.


Funeral trees

Gifts of Remembrance That Do Good

When you give trees as remembrance gifts in honor of someone who is deceased, a real tree will be planted in a U.S. National Forest in his or her honor. The trees are placed in areas that have been decimated by wildfires, so your gift will make a lasting difference and help an area of woodlands recover and regain its former beauty. The U.S. National Forest service has identified over 1,000,000 acres of forest land that is in desperate need of restoration, so the need for new trees is huge. When someone plants a tree in memory, the recipient of gift will even be able to see photographs of the trees online and learn its geographic location. This makes it as if a piece of that person whom they have lost lives on in a real, tangible place. A card accompanies the gift that fully explains the memorial tree gift.



Memorial Tree Planting Options for Everyone

At Trees for a Change, we offer three types of gifts to suit every budget and need. Our Memorial Tree Gift Card is an affordable option that can even be purchased in groups of four at a discounted price. With this option, you can write your own message and send out the card inside of a sympathy card or on its own. To make your gift more personal, opt for our Memorial Tree Gift, and we'll include a personalized certificate and print a message of your choosing on the card. You can also opt to plant 5 trees as a tribute and receive the same personalization options. Our personalized gift options can be sent directly to your chosen recipient, or we can send them to you to present how you see fit.

Send your message of sympathy in a way that will pay tribute to the departed and bring comfort to your friend or family member. Plant a tree in memory with Trees for Change today and make a difference for a grieving person and for the entire planet.


Are Planting Memorial Trees Legit?

We can't speak for other memorial tree planting services, but we are the real deal!

People appreciate our integrity, transparency and passion for trees- which is why our reviews are outstanding. (Yup~ All those reviews below are from actual customers.)

We know that when you order from Trees for a Change, you are placing your trust in us, and we take that very seriously. There are a few other organizations that plant memorial trees, and you will not find evidence of actual tree plantings on their websites. Do they visit the trees? No. Can they show you photos of the trees? No. Are they actually planting the trees? Who knows. You can count on us to plant your tree because for us, it is all about the trees and the relationships we've built with our customers. We value integrity and transparency, so we give you as much information about our trees as we can. Knowing that together we can make positive changes for people and the environment while offering a meaningful gift is the reason we are in business.


What sets us apart as a Memorial Tree Service: