Memorial Trees vs. Sympathy Flowers

Flowers for Sympathy Gifts? Just Say NO.

Memorial Trees vs. Sympathy Flowers

Yes, flowers are beautiful, and lots of people like them for a sympathy gift. But now is a good time to rethink the tradition of sending flowers when someone passes away. Here's why:

1) Flowers DIE. Sending something that will die to a person who is grieving over a death is not the best way to show you care.

2) Flowers cost big $$$. The average sympathy arrangement including delivery is $60-$120. Ouch.

3) Flowers are impersonal. Often a grieving family receives many arrangements, making them hard to remember who sent what.


Give a Memorial Tree as a Sympathy Gift because...

1) Trees LIVE. Plant something living to celebrate a life. Makes good sense, doesn't it? And you're helping a forest in need.

2) Our Memorial Trees are affordable. Or tree dedication options range from $15-$75. Our most popular option is $35.

3) Tree Gifts are personal. Your friend will not forget this thoughtful, meaningful gift that includes personalization.

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“Not only will my dad’s spirit live on in us, but it will also grow and flourish forever in his tree. What a great way to honor a great man.” ~ D. Kennett