Sustainable Business Gifts

Planting a tree as a business gift is a unique way to say you care about your clients or employees and the environment.

  • A touching and personal business gift
  • Meaningful, lasting & living

We can customize any number of Tree Gifts with your logo and personal message, and we can ship your gifts to you or directly to your recipients. We offer discounts on large orders.

Please Email Us to send your logo, recipient list, or to ask questions. Or we're happy to talk...(707)508-9262

  • Framed Personalized Business Gift Framed Personalized Business Gift $ 77.00
  • Personalized Business Gift Personalized Business Gift $ 42.00
  • Business Logo Gift Card Business Logo Gift Card $ 22.00
  • Business Pop-up Cards Business Pop-up Cards $ 32.00


"Thanks so much, everything was perfect! The tree certificates were awesome, everyone loved them."~Jill F.

"I am so happy we partnered with your amazing company." ~Carol P.

"I was so happy with my last order, I have decided to plant trees each month for my new district managers."~Anna B.

"I can tell you that the Tree Gifts were a HUGE HIT!!!! Thank you so much!!!" ~Dave M.

CA Memorial Trees


Distributing gifts can provide many benefits for your business from strengthening relationships with customers or clients to increasing employee satisfaction. The gifts that you choose make a statement about what your company values, and when you select Trees for a Change Business Gifts, that statement is that your company cares about the planet as much as you do the recipients of the gifts.

When you purchase a Trees for a Change Business Gift, a tree will be planted in honor of the recipient in a U.S. National Forest that needs revitalizing in the wake of forest fires. The recipient of your gift will be able to access photos of the tree and information about its geographic location online, and his or her name will appear in our online registry.

Funeral trees

There are four Trees for a Change Business Gift options available, and each one can be purchased at a bulk discount. The options are:

Personalized Tree Gift in Recycled Frame - Our most luxurious option, the Personalized Tree Gift in Recycled Frame lets you present the certificate pre-framed for the convenience of recipients. The frame that we used is a sustainable design constructed out of recycled wood. It has a traditional beveled design and a dark walnut finish that complements many interiors.

Personalized Tree Gift - The Personalized Tree Gift gives the recipients of your gifts an extra keepsake in the form of a personalized certificate. Each certificate is custom made with the recipient's name at the top, your logo and the year. Like the Personalized Tree Gift Cards, the Personalized Tree Gifts can be sent to recipients or to you.

Custom Business Gift Card - This option gives you the same gift card but with the flexibility of creating custom messages for inclusion on the card. You can purchase a tree gift card one at a time or in bulk, and we'll be glad to send them on your behalf or directly to you for distribution.

Business Logo Gift Card -With this option, you can stock up on business gifts and distribute them at your leisure or all at once at a special event. Available in quantities of four or more, this gift includes a folded card that fully explains the tree gift and bears your logo. You can write your own message inside of the cards, or we can print one for you at no extra charge. If you plan to give out the cards all at once, you can provide us with a recipient list, and we'll add all of the names to the registry. In the event that you wish to hand the cards out one at a time, we can send you postcards to return to us with the information about the recipients for inclusion on the registry.

Whether you're looking for holiday gifts, customer appreciation gifts or employee recognition gifts, Trees for a Change Business Gifts will provide the perfect green present. Much more affordable and more eco friendly than flowers, gift baskets and other traditional corporate gifts, our business gifts will set your company apart and help you maximize your return on your investment in gift-giving.