A Family Visits Mom's Trees - 2024

Brandy has been missed dearly since she passed away from cancer in early 2023. 

Her family received a 5 Tree Memorial Grove from a friend and it meant a lot to them.

The grove meant so much, in fact, that her husband of 14 years, Jeremy, traveled all the way from Nebraska with their three daughters, Madeline, Lillian and Norah to visit the baby trees last summer.

After they returned home, Jeremy shared photos of the trip with us and he said, "Seeing the trees that were planted for Brandy in Sequoia National Forest gave us a way to remember my girls’ mom in one of the best ways possible."

Jeremy and the girls hope to visit Brandy's trees every several years to watch them grow.

**Providing location maps, tree photos and the ability to visit trees is one of the things that sets us apart from other tree planting organizations. It's also one of the things we do that we're the most proud of :)


May Brandy's trees thrive in her memory.

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