Can You Help Us Branch Out?

We’re hoping you might help us get the word out about Trees for a Change over the next few weeks.

The holidays are a time when people buy a lot of “stuff,” and we’re thinking some of that energy might go into planting Tree Gifts instead if the right people find out about us at the right time.
We’re asking you to help us “Branch Out” by telling your friends about us and/or posting a link to  on sites like Facebook or Twitter.
Here is a message you can cut and paste into an email to your friends, if you like:
I thought you might like to know about this organization I am a fan of–Trees for a Change.  They plant trees as gifts in National Forests that have been destroyed by wildfire, and their prices for Tree Gifts range from $15 to $59.  This is a personal and meaningful gift that isn’t just more “stuff.”  Check them out at
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