Cyber Thursday Message

OK, you're right. 
There is no such thing as "Cyber Thursday."
But we wanted an excuse to send you a coupon!
Amongst all the holiday buying craziness that seems to encourage us to overspend, over stress, and just purchase more and more "stuff," we wanted to share the friendly reminder that there ARE alternatives.
Dedicating a tree as a holiday gift is the perfect low cost, low stress, low stuff present.
Please consider supporting Trees for a Change when you do your shopping this year.  
When you support us, you'll thrill someone with a very special gift and at the same time you'll support the forest, the critters that live there, and those of us who benefit from trees. Which, um, is pretty much all of us.  
Please consider giving Trees for a Change.  
Every single tree makes a difference.  
Thank you and happy holidays to you!
~Kim, Elizabeth and the TFC team
Trees for a Change Holiday Gift Options
Personalized Tree Gifts
Personalized Tree Gifts                          $35 & up
~For friends and family
~A unique and personal gift
~Multiple trees and frames available
Tree Gift Cards                                   $15 or $56/4Tree Gift Cards
~A great stocking stuffer
~Ideal for party gifts, teachers, friends
~Never expire- use them anytime
Business Gifts                                           $15 & upBusiness Gifts
~Unique holiday client gifts
~Several customization options
~Large quantity discounts
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