Green Fundraising

Why Fundraise with Tree Gift Cards?

You can help the earth while you help your school or group
You make a 40% profit
Tree Gift Cards are an affordable $15 each
No upfront $ is required
Low minimum of 50 cards
Quick turn around-- orders usually ship within a week
We use 100% recycled paper for our cards and supplies
All orders include FREE shipping and no hidden fees


"The trees were picked because they're not candy, they're not cookies ... and it teaches the children to take care of the environment. The students sold 250 trees, raising more than $1,500 for new computers and a new science program at our K-8 school." ~Judy D.


A Fundraiser That Makes a Difference

By selling Tree Gift Cards, your school or group will help us restore fire devastated U.S. National Forests and improve wildlife habitat, our air, and the American landscape for generations to come.

Tree Gift Cards are easy to sell--people love to give and receive them. Tired of selling cookie dough and wrapping paper? Try Tree Gift Cards!

Example Profits

If 10 Participants each sell 10 cards, you make $600.

If 10 Participants each sell 25 cards, you make $1,500.

If 25 participants each sell 10 cards, you make $1,500.

If 25 participants each sell 25 cards, you make $3,750.

If 50 participants each sell 10 cards, you make $3,000.

If 50 participants each sell 25 cards, you make $7,500.

If 100 participants each sell 10 cards, you make $6,000.

If 100 participants each sell 25 cards, you make $15,000.

How it Works

Step ONE: You plan dates for your fundraiser and order your FREE fundraising kit.

Step TWO: Each participant in your group takes orders for Tree Gift Cards during the fundraising period and collects payment.

Step THREE: Your fundraising coordinator places the order with us online, on the phone, or through the mail with a credit card or check.

Step FOUR: We send your Tree Gift Cards within a week and your participants distribute their orders. 

Fundraising is vital to the success of your organization, so you want to select a program that will allow your group to profit. At the same time, you need to keep fundraising simple for your group members and want to provide something of real value to the people who are solicited during your fundraising drive. Trees for a Change Gift Cards provide a unique opportunity for your group to generate revenue and do something good both for the planet and your supporters while making sure that fundraising is as easy as can be.

Every Trees for a Change Gift Card that is purchased helps a U.S. National Forest recover from devastating forest fires. Each gift card purchase funds the planting of a native species tree and can be given by the purchaser as a gift for any occasion. The ultimate recipient of the gift card has the ability to go online and see the tree that was purchased for him or her and learn about where it is located in the forest. The Trees for a Change Gift Cards provide complete details about the gift, so that those who receive the gifts fully understand the present that they have received.

Perfect for schools, clubs, sports teams, religious organizations, environmental groups and all other nonprofits, Trees for a Change Gift Cards make it easy to raise money while giving something back to the planet. The gift cards are great for children and teens to sells, as they help to teach concepts of ecology and conservation. The gift cards cost just $15, making them affordable for your supporters, and your group will get to keep 40 percent of the profits generated by your sale.

When you choose Trees for a Change Gift Cards for your fundraising program, you won't have to provide any money up front, and you'll get a complete kit that provides everything that you need for a successful sale. We'll also be available to assist you with everything that you need from selling tips to sales support. Our number one priority is to help your group raise as much money as possible during your fundraising campaign.

The sales process is simple and straight forward to ensure success. Sellers simply collect orders on individual order forms and collect payments from their customers. At the end of your sale, you make one complete payment by check or credit card, and you can place your order online, over the phone or by mail for your convenience. Once we process your order, we'll ship all of the Trees for a Change Gift Cards to you, and then you can simply distribute them to sellers to provide to their customers.

Trees for a Change Gift Cards let you offer something unique to supporters that will last long after cookies, wrapping paper, popcorn and other traditional fundraising products. Your sellers and your supporters will feel great that they are helping to regrow a forest, and your fundraiser will truly do good for the planet. Contact us today for more information or click the links below to order a sample card or your fundraising kit.

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