Unique Baby Gifts

Planting a tree for a baby is special way to celebrate a birth or birthday.
  • The tree will grow as the baby does
  • A meaningful gift to celebrate a little person
  • Baby Gift Package Baby Gift Package from $ 56.00
  • Onesies & Baby T-Shirts Onesies & Baby T-Shirts from $ 18.00
  • Welcome Baby Grove Welcome Baby Grove $ 10.00


"I love this idea! I have a 6 month old and we are looking for ways to teach him about the environment. People have plenty of stuff and I think this is a fantastic gift!"~Naomi R.

CA Memorial Trees


What's the perfect gift to give a new baby? How about a gift that helps ensure that our planet remains a beautiful place for her or him to enjoy when all grown up? Trees for a Change Gifts for Babies are eco conscious presents that help to protect the Earth, making them a gift that makes a difference for the planet while celebrating the beginning of a new life in a special way.

Trees for a Change Gifts for Babies are available for a fraction of the cost of what you'd pay for most baby gifts. We have two different ways that you can celebrate that special little one and send along well wishes to his or her parents:

1. Baby Gift Package. When you purchase the Baby Gift Package, you'll help to restore a part of a U.S. National Forest that has been damaged by fires. The cost of the gift goes to pay for one tree be planted in honor of the special baby. Once the tree is planted, Mom and Dad will be able to go online and see photographs of the tree and learn exactly where it's located in the United States. One day, that special child will be able to see the tree that bears her or his name on the computer screen or maybe even get to see it in person!

Funeral trees

With the Trees for a Change Baby Gift Package, the parents and child receive a number of gifts. The gift package includes a planting certificate that includes the baby's name, your name and the date as well as a personalized card that explains the gift. Also included is an organic cotton t-shirt or onesie in a size that you specify. The sustainable design includes the word "Seedling" on the front written in green lettering that is produced with nontoxic, low eco impact dyes. Lastly, the baby's name will be added to our Tree Gift Registry as a final touch.

2. Onesies & T Shirts for Babies. You can purchase our adorable organic cotton tees and onesies for babies on their own! It's great for when that little seedling outgrows the onesie or tee included in their gift package or for an inexpensive, yet very green gift for a little one.

No matter what the occasion, Trees for a Change Gifts for Babies are unique alternatives to conventional baby gifts. They're great for the planet and are something that parents will appreciate. Your gift will stand out amongst all of the ordinary presents that the new parents receive. You can give Trees for a Change Gifts for Babies for baby showers or when a new baby comes home from the hospital. The gifts are also perfect for celebrating a baby's first birthday, Christmas or Hanukkah as well as for christenings, baptisms, naming days and other celebrations.

Give that special little tree hugger and his or her tree hugging parents a gift that makes a difference! Order one of our Trees for a Change Gifts for Babies today!