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A Greener Gift

Saturday October 17, 2009

If you're looking for a greener gift this holiday season, what's greener than a tree? But not just any tree. Oh, no. How about one that's planted by someone else (no shoveling dirt -- phew!) in a national forest that's been scorched by wildfire?

Trees for a Change might just be the perfect green gift. National forests across America have been devastated by an unprecedented number of forest fires in the past few years, and the seedlings from Trees for a Change are native specimens planted in burn areas by Forest Service tree experts.

A Greener Gift

The fact nerds out there will appreciate your gift even more knowing that the average tree -- whatever that is -- can absorb ten pounds of pollution from the air and convert 330 pounds of carbon dioxide into oxygen. Everyone else will love that fact that your gift (just $35!) is growing in a forest somewhere, making the world a more beautiful place.