Tree Photo Contest 2011

No Longer Accepting Entries
Welcome to our 2nd Annual Arbor Day Tree Photo Contest!

The top 3 vote getters win a free Personalized Tree Gift.

  • CJ Campbell *WINNER*

    CJ Campbell *WINNER*

  • Leigh Weaver

    Leigh Weaver

  • Sabrina Miles

    Sabrina Miles

  • Megan Arnold

    Megan Arnold

  • Sagrario Martinez *WINNER*

    Sagrario Martinez *WINNER*

  • Gerald Hegeman

    Gerald Hegeman

  • Katie Lystlund *WINNER*

    Katie Lystlund *WINNER*

  • Roberta Ryan

    Roberta Ryan

Voting begins here on Earth day- Aprill 22nd, and will close at midnight Pacific time, April 28th. Winners will be announced here on Arbor Day- April 29th and will also be included in our May email newsletter.

The people who submit the top 3 vote getting photos will win a FREE Personalized Tree Gift, which can be planted in the name of the winner or someone of their choosing. Winners will receive an email by May 3rd with details about how to redeem their prize. Prizes must be redeemed within one year.