Tree Photo Contest 2012

No Longer Accepting Entries
Welcome to our 3rd Annual Arbor Day Tree Photo Contest

Thank you to everyone who shared their beautiful photos with us. Anyone can submit a photo, but if you want to be sure to get in on this action next year, sign up for our email newsletter in the green bar to the left.

The top 3 vote getters win a $50 Trees for a Change credit. YEE HAW!

  • Carol Piccaro
    Carol Piccaro
  • Cathy Fraley
    Cathy Fraley
  • Christopher Torres- 3rd place
    Christopher Torres- 3rd place
  • Rachel Isaacs
    Rachel Isaacs
  • Sally Churgel
    Sally Churgel
  • Todd Pickering
    Todd Pickering
  • David Mahon
    David Mahon
  • Jan Alden- 2nd place
    Jan Alden- 2nd place
  •  Judith Light
    Judith Light
  • Katie Lystlund

    Katie Lystlund

  • Linda Saxon

    Linda Saxon

  • Megan Arnold

    Megan Arnold

  • Valerie Schlafke
    Valerie Schlafke
  • Christina Bernal- 1st place

    Christina Bernal- 1st place

  • CJ Campbell

    CJ Campbell

  •  Heather Hendrickson

    Heather Hendrickson

The people who submit the top 3 vote getting photos will win a $50 credit toward Tree Gifts, which can be planted in the name of the winner or someone of their choosing. Winners will receive an email by May 1st with details about how to redeem their prize. Prizes must be redeemed within one year.

We reserve the right to use your photo on our website and in our email newsletters, however, the photo and other rights associated with it still belong to you.