Tree Photo Contest 2017

No Longer Accepting Entries

Happy Arbor Day!

Oh my, what incredible photos we had this year!  Y'all raised the bar on this contest!  Thanks to all who participated.

Winners were chosen based on number of votes. Check out the comments from voters below.

  • Arthur Smith

  • Artieka Townsend

  • Claire Noble

  • Camille Hoffman

  • Christopher Torres

  • CJ Campbell

  • *2nd Place* Diane Marsek

  • *Honorable Mention* Diane Urmston

  • Enrie Morales

  • *Honorable Mention* Holly Antony

  • Jennifer Urmston

  • *3rd Place Tie* Jill Cournoyer

  • Kayla Thurber

  • *Honorable Mention* Keith Stetson

  • Lea Goode-Harris

  • Linda Lanzara

  • *3rd Place Tie* Linda Saxon

  • Nelly Yegorova

  • *1st Place* Susan Novak

  • Suze Pringle-Cohan
Voter Comments:

Just love trees so it is hard to choose

All of the trees are beautiful. Without trees life would not be worth living. Life would not be sustainable if we had no trees.

So hard to decide, they are all beautiful.


So many lovely tress.....

Gotta love those palms! But that REDWOOD is the majesty of trees! Thank you, Friend! <3

How evocative!

They are all beautiful. Hard to pick just three. Thank you for sharing.

They were all very unique

All very beautiful !!

Thank you!

Thank you. Always enjoy this.

14 17 11 in that order

The photos were outstanding. It was very hard to choose only 3!

Hard to choose.......great trees/pics!! 

Thanks for sharing!!

They are all beautiful!

It was really hard to choose. They were all beautiful...

Every picture is so beautiful

Love the palm trees

So hard to choose! Trees are amazing :) 

P.S.: I wanted so much to vote for 4 photos, but I can't :( Could you please give # 10 an additional voice or at least an honorable mention in case it doesn't win? *Sighs*

Thank you

Very hard to choose!

Hard to choose. All beautiful

11 is the best!

Every one is a winner, absolutely beautiful!

Love the colors. Absolutely beautiful.

These trees are awesome hope they win

Seven and Ten are outstanding

Thanks for hosting this great concept! And thank you for your commitment to Mother Earth.

All are beautiful trees!


All are beautiful, but I particularly like #20.

Hard to choose just three. Awesome collection!

I love each and every photo!! All are unique. All are spectacular.

#11 is the best representation of the west; the majesty is noteworthy. Thanks for helping my wife's grove to be planted near Tahoe.

It was hard to choose only three! I was narrowing my favorites down from six top ones... thank you, Kim, for promoting the trees with this fun Arbor Day tradition. 

All of them are lovely! I had a hard time choosing! This is a great idea!!!

They were all so beautiful

14, 10, & 17 in that order. They are all truly wonderful!



Contest Fine Print: Just say NO to sending us a photo you found on the internet. Please make sure the photo is one you took yourself, that the main object in the photo is a tree or trees, that it is a photo rather than a painting or diarama or macarame fruit holder in the shape of a tree, and that it doesn't have any copyright restrictions on it.

We reserve the right to not post your photo for voting if one or more of these conditions aren't met. You may submit more than one photo, but we will choose only one photo per person to post for voting.

You may send us a photo you have entered in our contest in the past, but you must not have been a winner with that photo, and you can only enter a photo you've entered before one time.
*To enter: email your name and photo by midnight Pacific time, Sunday April 23rd to
*Voting will open HERE on Monday, April 24th and close at 6pm Pacific time on Thursday April 27th.
*Winners will be announced HERE on Arbor Day, April 28th (and also included in the next newsletter)
We reserve the right to stop accepting photos after 20 entries, and we reserve the right to use your photo on our website and in our email newsletters, but the photo still belongs to you and we will credit the photo to your name once voting has closed.

The 3rd place winner receives $35 credit, 2nd place receives $50 credit, and 1st place receives a $100 credit toward any Tree Gifts, which can be planted in the name of the winner or someone of their choosing. Winners will receive an email by May 3rd with details about how to redeem their prize. Prizes must be redeemed within one year.