Tree Photo Contest 2020

No Longer Accepting Entries

Just when we could all use some natural beauty in our lives...
our 11th Annual Arbor Day Tree Photo Contest!

This was the craziest contest year ever, as the whole country staying at home must have sent y'all searching through your photos. We received almost 50 beautiful, creative, colorful and inspiring entries right away, so many we had to quit accepting them! Thank you for sharing your tree love with us, and stay safe everyone!

  • Aimie Allard Pantelis

  • Ali Parker

  • Andria D'Amato

  • Ann Miller

  • Antonio Teso

  • Britta Hershman- 2nd Place tie

  • Christine Montalto-Honorable Mention

  • Cindy Baker

  • Courtney Daniels-Honorable Mention

  • Eileen Mooney

  • Eileen Spear-3rd Place tie

  • Ellie Waller- 1st Place tie

  • Jeanneane Demint

  • Jill Cournoyer

  • John Montalto

  • Joyce Muscolo

  • Kat Vercruyssen

  • Lea Goode-Harris- 3rd Place tie

  • Linda Centorrino

  • Linda Olson- 1st Place tie

  • Lori Fretz

  • Marcia Chester

  • Marnie Kelly

  • Matt Simpson

  • Meredith Sharp

  • Michael Okrent

  • Michael Zamora- Honorable Mention

  • Nancy Giles

  • Nicole Robinson

  • Orette Patrick-3rd Place tie

  • Peter Mercier

  • Richard Browne

  • Richard O'Dell

  • Rick Feinberg-Honorable Mention

  • Rosanna Meyerson

  • Sandra Lee Schubert

  • Sarah Pauley

  • Sherry Kaye

  • Sherry Massie- 2nd Place tie

  • Stella Gomez

  • Susan Kehoe

  • Tami Bell- Honorable Mention

  • Tracy Groot- Honorable Mention

  • Travis Young

  • Valerie Iniguez- 3rd Place tie

  • Will Victor

  • Windflower

Rules (A little different this year!)

*The good news is that we were completely INUNDATED with tree photos for the contest this year!  The bad news is that we couldn't take everyone's photo. So, if you didn't get a chance to enter, please save your beautiful photo for next year's contest!*

*This year winners were determined BY TFC STAFF: Kim, Michelle, Theresa and Pauline (no public voting this year...sorry!)  We reserve the right to use your photo on our website and in our email newsletters, but the photo still belongs to you and we will credit the photo to your name once voting has closed.

*The 3rd place winner receives $35 credit, 2nd place receives $50 credit, and 1st place receives a $100 credit toward any Tree Gifts, which can be planted in the name of the winner or someone of their choosing. Winners will receive an email by May 1st with details about how to redeem their prize. Prizes must be redeemed within one year.

Contest Fine Print: Just say NO to sending us a photo you found on the internet. Please make sure the photo is one you took yourself, that the main object in the photo is a tree or trees, that it is a photo rather than a painting or diarama or macarame fruit holder in the shape of a tree, and that it doesn't have any copyright restrictions on it. We reserve the right to not post your photo for voting if one or more of these conditions aren't met.  You may send us a photo you have entered in our contest in the past, but you must not have been a winner with that photo, and you can only enter a photo you've entered before one time.