Add Trees to a Planting

Someone planted a tree for you or a loved one. You like the idea of a living tribute helping to restore a forest in need. Maybe you'd like to be able to plant more trees right near the original tree. Well, you CAN!

Add Trees to a Planting details:

  • We'll plant more trees right along with the tree/s that were gifted to you
  • You can plant as many trees as you like to create a 2-tree pair or a grove
  • We'll send you a new personalized certificate, reflecting the new tree total
  • We'll ship your new certificate by FREE 1st class shipping in U.S.
  • The first added tree with certificate is $25, additional trees after that are $10 each
  • This is a limited time option... Once the trees have been planted, no more trees can be added. 

Reasons people have wanted to add trees to a planting:

*They received a tree for a loved one's memorial, and other people in the family want to add to it to create a memorial grove

*They received a tree for a parent's memorial, and want to add a tree for the other parent so the trees will grow together

*They received a tree for a celebration, and they or other family and friends want to add trees to create a grove

Add Trees to a Planting

Trees for a Change

$ 32.00 
white-trees-treesforachange Every tree makes a difference - Here's how you can help!