Personalized Pet Memorial

Our Pet Memorial Tree Gift Includes:

      • The planting of a native species tree in a U.S. National Forest
      • A personalized tree planting certificate
      • A card with your personal message & an explanation of the gift
      • The pet's name and photo on our Pet Memorial Photo Registry (instructions for sending us a photo are inside the card)
      • Online access to tree photos, location info & maps
      • FREE 1st class shipping in U.S.-Orders typically ship in 1-3 business days

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Personalized Pet Memorial

Trees for a change

$ 42.00 
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Pets are more than just animals. To many people, they are members of the family, and when a pet passes on, the grief that a pet owner experiences can be every bit as deep as what one goes through when any other loved one dies. Still, it can be difficult to know how best to express sympathy when a pet passes on. With no funeral to attend or to send flowers for, you may struggle with how to tell your friend, family member or coworker that you are sorry for their loss. A Personalized Pet Memorial Tree Gift with Certificate is the perfect solution to this problem and is a gift that will make a lasting difference for the planet and be appreciated by the grieving pet owner for a lifetime as well.

Buying a Trees for a Change Personalized Pet Memorial costs less than sending flowers for a funeral, but its impact is incredibly great. Every gift sold goes a little further toward helping keep U.S. National Forests lush, green and able to be enjoyed by future generations. Your gift will allow a tree to be planted in a part of a forest that has been destroyed by fire, and that departed pet's name will be forever linked with that tree through a national registry. The recipient of your gift will surely appreciate the gesture and know that you are there for them during this difficult time.

To fully explain this Tree Gift, we send along a beautiful card with your gift. The card describes your gift and explains how the recipient can access photos and information about the location of the tree online. In addition, the recipient will receive information about including their pet in our Pet Memorial Photo Registry, an online gallery of pictures of pets that have been honored with memorial gifts. We can also print a personalized message to the recipient from you in the card.

The certificate included with the Personalized Pet Memorial Tree Gift can be displayed as a reminder both of your gift and the departed pet. The certificate includes our tree logo on one side and a message about the gift, the pet's name and the date on the other. For a small additional fee, we can place the certificate in a black recycled wood frame before shipping.

Whether you wish to have the Memorial Tree Gift with Certificate sent to you for hand delivery to the recipient or want us to mail it to them on your behalf, Trees for a Change is ready to help you send along a touching tribute to a departed pet and provide comfort to a grieving pet owner who is special to you. Complete the form at the top right and click "Add to Cart" to purchase your memorial gift, and we'll get the order for the tree to be planted and process your gift within 1 to 3 business days.