Tree Gift Cards for Elephants

Tree Gift Cards for Elephants

Buy Tree Gift Cards and Protect Elephants!

In honor of World Elephant Day, we have partnered with Global Conservation Force.  A portion of these Tree Gift Card sales goes to their Elephant Project.


Why elephants and trees? Elephants are ecosystem engineers - they play key roles in vegetation growth in their habitats. Elephants spread seeds through their dung, and African elephants, for example, can migrate about 300 miles in a single year.  While browsing, forest elephants create gaps in vegetation, allowing new plants to grow and creating paths for smaller animals to use. Savannah elephants help maintain grasslands for other animals - birds and mammals in particular - by eating trees and bushes.

Nearly 100 elephants are being poached for their tusks every single day. Through education and support for anti-poaching units, Global Conservation Force focuses on preserving wild elephant populations not only for future generations but also for the health of the ecosystems elephants call home. 

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Tree Gift Cards for Elephants

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