Why Tree Gifts are Great for Corporate Events

25 July, 2018

*This is a guest post courtesy of Ariel Chiu, Principal Planner and Owner at Wonderstruck Weddings & Events.*

There is never any shortage of events for your business or corporation, which means you constantly need to think of gifts to hand out to your clients and/or employees. It can be difficult trying to think of something unique every time, rather than something boring like basic stationery with your corporate logo on it.

If you need something new and thoughtful as a great new gift at a corporate event, tree gifts are growing in popularity. They come in one of two forms: a tree that is planted in honor of your guests, or an actual tree sapling they can take home and plant themselves. Here's why tree gifts are great gifts for corporate events:

Tree Dedications

Tree dedications as gifts work by ordering from a company like Trees for a Change that plants the trees in a forest that needs restoration due to fires, floods, or other types of wide-scale deforestation. As a gift, you can purchase all the trees needed for the people on your guest list and have the donations made in their name, and present them with the card that acts as a physical presentation of the donation. There are a few reasons why this makes a great gift for a corporate event:

  • It makes your guests feel good for contributing to a worthy cause
  • It is a highly unique type of gift rather than the usual swag no one ever actually uses
  • It can help generate good PR for your company (the cards can include your logo)

The latter reason is especially true for companies that work in any semi-related sphere to the environment, or if they are located close to a National Forest as part of their community.

Tree Saplings

Another type of tree gift that you can give out are actual saplings. There are advantages and disadvantages to using these as a tree gift instead of a dedication. The advantage is the person gets a physical gift of their own — which they might prefer — but the disadvantage is that there's no guarantee the tree will be planted or properly cared for to make sure it can grow.

However, there's no reason why you can't try both! You'll undoubtedly have future events where you can try one, and then the other. Saplings work great as gifts around relevant holidays — give an evergreen tree sapling out around Christmas, or any of the better looking local tree species around Arbor Day. Then, at a different corporate event that doesn't have that convenient timing, you can opt for tree dedications as your event gift.


About the Author:

Ariel Chiu is the Principal Planner and Owner of Wonderstruck Weddings & Events, a corporate event and wedding planning company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Ariel Understands how special life events can be. She believes that these important memories should be cherished. Ariel feels honored to have been involved with successfully organizing and coordinating weddings in any season, and bringing dreams to life through her confessions.

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