Personalized Grove

Our Personalized Grove of Trees Includes:

  • 5+ native species trees planted in a U.S. National Forest
  • A personalized grove planting certificate
  • A card with your personal message & an explanation of the gift
  • Your gift recipient's name recorded on our Tree Gift Registry
  • Online access to tree photos, location info & maps
  • We'll frame it for FREE when you order a 15 tree grove
  • FREE 2-3 day Priority Ship in U.S.-Orders typically ship in 1-3 business days

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Personalized Grove

Trees for a change

$ 82.00 
Every tree makes a difference - Here's how you can help!

Memory tree & Memorial Tree

When you give a Trees for a Change Personalized Grove as a gift for any occasion, you're giving a present that will have the biggest possible impact upon a struggling area of a U.S. National Forest. No matter what you're celebrating, honoring or commemorating, the gift of a Personalized Grove is one that is sure to be appreciated by the recipient of your present. Plus, it will make a real difference for the entire planet.

Purchasing a Trees for a Change Personalized Grove will allow five or more native species trees to be planted in a U.S. National Forest. The grove is completely personalized for the recipient of your gift, and it's easy to provide us with the information about the person to whom the present is going. Just fill out the boxes on the right with the name of the person and your name, and we'll handle the rest.

Once your grove of trees is planted, the recipient of your Trees for a Change Personalized Grove gift will be able to go online and learn about the exact whereabouts of their grove. They'll even get to see photos of the trees on the website. This truly brings your gift to life in a way that isn't possible with other charitable donation gifts. The recipient of your gift may even one day get to visit the grove planted in their honor!

With the Trees for a Change Personalized Grove, the recipient of your gift will get two tokens of the present. The gift includes a card that can be personalized with a message of your choosing. This personalized card also clearly explains the gift to the recipient, so that they will understand just what you've purchased for them. In addition to the card, they will receive a beautiful certificate that is personalized with both of your names.  For an additional charge, we'll frame the certificate in a black recycled wood frame prior to shipping. If you choose to purchase 10 trees or more in your grove, the frame is provided free of charge as a special bonus.

When you choose a Trees for a Change Personalized Grove gift, you can opt for one of two methods of free shipping via priority mail. We can send your gift directly to the recipient on your behalf, or we can mail it to you. The latter option gives you the ability to write your own message in the card or sign it. Whichever option you choose, we'll have your gift on its way within 1 to 3 business days, so you'll have it in plenty of time to delight that special someone or they will receive it in time for the upcoming special occasion.