7 Reasons to Give a Tree as a Gift

1) Tree Gifts are unique.
Getting a Tree Gift is often a surprise because many people don’t even know that you can plant a tree in a forest in the name of someone. When you give a tree as a gift, chances are your gift recipient has never had a tree planted for them, and they will feel special and honored.

2) Planting a tree helps the planet.
One of the very best things you can do for the environment is to plant a tree. Over its lifetime, one tree captures an average of one ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reducing the gases that cause global warming. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, making them the perfect compliment to humans and animals.

3) Tree Gifts feel good to give.
Planting a tree in a forest that has been destroyed by wildfire to help restore the area is a good thing to do. When you give a tree as a gift, you can feel proud about doing something positive for the environment while giving your gift recipient something special.

4) A Tree Gift will not end up in a landfill or at someone’s garage sale.
Tree Gifts make a positive impact on the planet, rather than just creating more waste. When you give a tree as a gift, you know that you are not giving someone more stuff, but rather giving them a gift that will live on.

5) Planting a tree is a beautiful way to celebrate any occasion.
What better way to celebrate a holiday, wedding, birthday, new baby or graduation than to plant a tree that will restore a forest for future generations. A Tree Gift isn’t just a gift for your recipient, it’s a generous gift for the entire planet and a thoughtful way to honor someone.

6) Tree Gifts are never the wrong size or color.
Perfect for everyone, Tree Gifts don’t ever have to be exchanged at the store because they don’t fit. Planting a tree as a gift is thoughtful and personal, and always in style.


7) Tree Gifts are affordable.

Prices for Tree Gifts start at $20, making them very reasonable. Whether you need a simple last minute gift for a friend, or a beautiful and elegant gift for a wedding, there is a Tree Gift to fit in your budget.