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Kate Goldsworthy

The Gift That Keeps on Growing

JULY 2008

Kate Goldsworthy

If you or someone you know has ever been accused of treehugging, then Trees for a Change may have just what you need. The woman-owned, Santa Rosa, Calif.-based company sells trees as gifts, but not like other companies. Owner Kim Isley, who got her first taste of being in business by trying to sell decorated pine cones, takes great pride in making sure that all trees are actually planted in an American national forest by Forest Service experts. These native trees aid in reforesting areas that insects, wildfires or disease destroyed. Right now, trees are being planted in Montana's Gallatin National Forest, which was recently devastated by wildfire.

What you get is a card to give to that special someone ($15, or $35 for personalization). For a bit more, the company will mount the cards in attractive recycled frames. Oh-so-fashionably ecochic.

According to the company, in one year the average tree is able to absorb 10 pounds of pollutants from the air and convert 330 pounds of carbon dioxide into oxygen. Put that in your carbon footprint and smoke it. And the names of your gift recipients are added to an online registry.

"To give a gift that's not going to end up in a yard sale would be positive," says lsley.

Trees for Change doesn't provide the coordinates of each tree, but there's nothing stopping your loved one from going on nature hikes through the area. Besides, saving the world through reforestation beats giving overpriced scented candles, any day. (