Eazy Green Partnership

We are proud to partner with Eazy Green to plant desperately needed trees in forests destroyed by wildfire. Edoardo's passion is to make the world a greener place, so Eazy Green customers can choose to support our tree planting projects when they purchase yacht fuel and other products. Each tree planted can capture one ton of carbon in its lifetime! So, every single tree makes a positive impact on our planet and helps fight climate change.

See Forest Information, Tree Photos and Maps                 Learn More about Trees for a Change

Thank you to the following yacht contributors for their generous support to help plant trees:


Total Trees 80

M/Y Severin's - 30 trees

M/Y Only Eighty - 10 trees 

M/Y Serendipity Blue - 10 trees

M/Y Blue Deer - 10 trees

M/Y Soprano - 10 trees

M/Y Sedative - 10 trees