April 2018 - February 2020
Tahoe National Forest

Tree Gifts dedicated between April 1, 2018 and February 29, 2020 were planted Tahoe National Forest in Summer 2019.

*Please note: We planted enough trees for all anticipated dedications through Feb 2020, so if you received a tree gift between June 2019 (when the trees were planted) and Feb 2020, your trees ARE in this location. This way, folks who receive trees gifts in the last half of the year don't have to wait until the Summer of the following year to see tree photos and location maps.*

Tahoe National Forest is in North Eastern California, on the border with Nevada. The North fire burned 1,000 acres there in 2018. Many of those acres need to be replanted to restore the land. Because wildlife depends on the forest’s trees, critical habitat protection, restoration, and soil erosion prevention are a pressing need in this area.

The trees planted are native species to this particular forest:  Ponderosa pine, Jeffery pine, Douglas fir, sugar pine or incense cedar.

Please see our photos and videos of the planting area and maps with directions below.

If you plan on visiting the trees, please see the info below. The best times to visit are between May-October, and for this planting location we recommend a four-wheel drive vehicle or at least a car with good ground clearance. 


Tahoe NF Tree Baby Planted in 2019

**Update: Tahoe NF Trees in 2023, coming soon**

Planting Location video in 2019

*If you want to visit the trees*

  • We recommend you wear long pants and hiking boots, and follow the US Forest Service safe hiking guidelines.
  • While not required to find the trees, it's not a bad idea to get a map of the forest ahead of time.
  • Please understand we cannot provide exact locations of individual trees. Your tree or trees are within the area specified on the map.
  • While this area of the forest is open to the public and generally considered safe, and none of our customers that have visited their trees have had any issues, please be advised that we cannot be responsible for any harm or injury that may result from your visit. You visit the trees at your own risk.
  • Please feel free to call or email us with any questions before you go- we're happy to help!