Boomers Examiner Suzanna Stinnett

Giving a tree that lives is easy with Trees for a Change

December 14 - SF Boomers Examiner Suzanna Stinnett

December 14 - SF Boomers Examiner Suzanna

Tippy's Tree (Stinnett)

Do you still have names on your holiday gift list? Perhaps one or two people you don't quite know how to satisfy? You're not alone.

Here is a wonderful option for giving a gift with a conscience. Kim Isley's site Trees for a Change ( care of the tree planting for you. Your gift recipient will have his or her name on the online registry, and you can even find the area where your tree is planted. Sweet!!

I've been donating some of the proceeds from my Twitter classes to plant trees through Kim's site, and I can tell you it's a very groovy feeling. There they are, the little tree guys, just quietly growing. Nice.

Check out the site and get your tree gifts on their way. Here's the link again: Trees for a Change

Happy December,

Suzanna Stinnett