Give a Gift That will Last a Lifetime

Summary: As an alternative to traditional presents, plant a Tree Gift for a worthy and thoughtful gesture that can help replenish forests in great need. provides this opportunity with the National Forest Service, and recipients of this gift will be honored to be a part of this hopeful cause.

Sometimes gifts are purchased hastily for Christmas, birthdays or other occasions out of obligation, and the items are superficial and not something the receivers really like or need. These are the things that end up in the back of a closet or at a garage sale. People tend to have a lot of “stuff” these days, and most don’t need any more! Planting a Tree Gift is a truly meaningful gift that conveys care for the recipient, and concern for the future of the earth and the environment.

Friends, family members or co-workers will be touched by the gesture of a tree planted in their name. Trees can be planted and nurtured in national forests to replenish tree populations that have been damaged by fire, disease or insects. The recipient of a Tree Gift will know that a tree has been planted in their name and officially registered in their honor. This unique and personal gift is an expression of hope that can change the world.

Planting a tree is one of the best things that can be done for the environment! They are the earth’s longest living organism, and they produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide and contaminants from the air. Trees provide habitats for birds and animals, prevent erosion and add beauty. The National Forest Service has identified over one million acres of national forest land in need of reforestation, and Trees for a Change plants native trees in these areas to bring them new life.

Trees for a Change provides the opportunity to plant a Tree Gift, and this is a fabulous gift for any occasion including weddings, births, client gifts, and even in memory of a loved one. They provide personalized certificates for each tree planted, and their trees are planted and cared for by the National Forest Service. helps restore devastated forests, and offers gift giving that is an expression of optimism and hope.

Bio: Grace Enderlein is a freelance writer and editor. “Give a Gift That Will Last a Lifetime: Plant a Tree Gift” suggests giving a tree gift instead of a traditional present. facilitates the planting of trees in national forests and the naming of official tree gift honorees.