Kincade Fire First Responders & Emergency Management

*This is a very special grove planted in honor of all the First Responders and Emergency Management personnel who've worked tirelessly to defeat the Kincade Fire and save Sonoma County, CA* Click HERE to contribute trees. 


The Kincade Fire First Responders & Emergency Management Grove currently has 78 trees.


3 trees from Todd & Katie Hoper- From the bottom of our hearts, we are filled with gratitude.

10 trees from The Fisher Family- We are so grateful for all of your dedication and hard work. We can't thank you enough for saving our home and our community!

5 trees from John Bowls- Thank you.

1 tree from Margarite Vantage- I am so glad to be back in my home in Windsor. Thank you!  Thank you!

2 trees from Debbie & Bruce- WOOO WHOOO! So relieved that our home is safe now. Thank you!!!!!

2 trees from: A grateful evacuee. ❤️❤️ - Thanks is not enough to say about your commitment, courage and efforts to save our County.

2 trees from: Valerie Schlafke and Pam Higley - Thank you First Responders! This time your work and careful planning made a huge difference!

3 trees from: A Grateful Tree-hugger - Thank you all so much for your service!

50 trees from: Grateful Santa Rosa resident - First responders did an amazing job! Thank you!