Pet Sympathy Card

Pet Memorial Tree Gift Card Includes:

  • The planting of a native species tree in a U.S. National Forest
  • A card with your personal message & an explanation of the gift
  • The pet's name and photo on our Pet Memorial Photo Registry (instructions for sending us a photo are inside the card)
  • Online access to tree photos, location info & maps
  • FREE 1st class shipping in U.S.-Orders typically ship in 1-3 business days

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Pet Sympathy Card

Trees for a change

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Sympathy Message Ideas

Memory tree & Memorial Tree

When someone's pet passes away, your heart goes out to them, but finding the best way to express your sympathy can be difficult. Ordinary cards don't seem to suffice, and it's unusual to purchase sympathy flowers for the death of a pet. A Trees for a Change Pet Sympathy Tree Gift Card is the perfect solution for showing your sympathy and reminding your friend, family member or colleague that you're thinking of them and are there for them during this difficult time.

The Trees for a Change Pet Sympathy Tree Gift Card is an inexpensive way to memorialize a pet that has passed away. Each purchase of a gift card pays for a single tree to be replanted in a U.S. National Forest that has been damaged by wildfires. The tree will be planted where it is most needed as determined by the U.S. Forest Service. Once the tree has been planted, the pet owner for whom the gift card is purchased can access images and information about the location of the tree online. In addition, he or she can opt to have a picture of their pet added to our Pet Memorial Photo Registry in tribute.

This card isn't just meant to be a sympathy gift to send to someone else. You may also choose to purchase one in honor of your own pet who has departed. Paying tribute to your pet by having a tree planted allows the memory of that special dog, cat, horse, bird, lizard or even fish to live on forever. The gift cards are a great way to help everyone in the family recover from the loss and is especially beneficial for children who will love going online and seeing photos of the tree.

Whether you're purchasing a Trees for a Change Pet Sympathy Tree Gift Card for your own family or for someone dear to you who has lost a pet, the gift includes an attractive folded card. Inside, information is provided about how the gift works, so that your family or the person who receives it will fully understand the gift. Instructions about how to send in the photo and information about the pet for inclusion in the Pet Memorial Photo Registry are also provided.

Inside of the card, there is room for a personal message. If you would like us to send the gift card directly to the grieving pet owner, we can print a message of your choosing in this area. In the event that you would rather the card be sent to you directly, we can either print your message or leave it blank for you to fill in yourself. The card ships free of charge and will be shipped out within 1 to 3 business days. 2 to 4 day priority shipping is also available for a small additional charge.

Commemorate that special pet in an equally special way by ordering a Trees for a Change Pet Memorial Tree Gift Card now.