April 2010 - Oct 2010
Plumas National Forest

Tree Gifts dedicated between April 1 2010 and October 31 2010 were planted in Plumas National Forest in the spring of 2011. Trees were native Ponderosa pine, Sugar pine, Jeffrey pine, Incense cedar, Douglas fir, White fir, and Red fir.

Plumas National Forest Tree Baby Planted in 2011

UPDATE: We are sad to report that we lost these 10 year old trees to the Dixie Fire of 2021. We planted these trees to restore the forest after a fire, and it is really, really rare for us to lose trees we have planted to another fire later on. We are discussing replanting options with the Forest Service now and will update this page soon with more information. Please take heart. Nature does her thing, and often that is out of our control, but we are committed to helping her along and we WILL be replanting these 1160 trees to bring life back to the forest.