Pet Sympathy Gifts & Memorials

Planting a tree is a thoughtful & meaningful way to honor the memory of a furry friend.
  • A touching and affordable tribute
  • A lasting memorial
  • Personalized Pet Memorial Personalized Pet Memorial $ 42.00
  • Pet Sympathy Card Pet Sympathy Card $ 22.00
  • Pet Memorial Grove Pet Memorial Grove $ 82.00
  • pet-memorial Pet Memorial Photo Registry


"The Pet Memorial Tree Gift was the most touching gift I have ever gotten. My Dog, Louis, was my soulmate and best friend. A friend from work gave me the Pet Memorial Tree Gift when he passed away at the age of 14 1/2. It warms my heart and makes me smile whenever I think of Louis' tree. I recommend this gift to anyone who is considering it." ~Lori M.

"The enormous loss we felt after our beloved dog died, left our hearts broken and spirits crushed. But as kind and uplifting messages came in from friends around the nation, and from the staff of the Animal hospitals that attended to our Golden Retriever in his last hours, we knew that we were not alone in our grief. They all understood our pain and rivers of tears. Then, we received a special surprise from TREES FOR A CHANGE. Our hearts smiled, our spirits were lifted and we smiled once again. A living tree in honor of our sweet dog Sonny would be planted this Spring. Eventually growing up to provide shelter and comfort for wildlife in our magnificent Tahoe Forest. The power of love and caring, sealing the circle of life." ~Jackie & Irene

"A girlfriend purchased this for me when my dachshund Angel passed away. It was so touching!! I cried and cried and cried...Angel has her own tree in a really beautiful place! I plan to go visit it sometime next year. Sigh. It helped my heart begin to heal."~Kim L.

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The death of a pet can be every bit as painful as the loss of a relative, and it can be difficult to know how to show your sympathy during such a difficult time. It's not customary to send along flowers following the death of a pet, but you still want to be able to show the grieving person or family that you care. Trees for a Change Pet Memorial Tree Gifts are the perfect solution, as they honor the deceased pet and show that you care. 

When you purchase Trees for a Change Pet Memorial Tree Gifts, a U.S. National Forest receives the gift of new trees. Native species are planted in areas that have been ravaged by fires in order to help the forests recover. Your gift includes access to a website that provides the exact location where the tree was planted and photos of the tree. The recipient of your gift can check out the website and see the very tree that is a memorial for their beloved pet.


We offer two types of Pet Memorial Tree Gifts:


• Pet Memorial Tree Gift with Certificate - With this option, the recipient of your gift gets a lasting reminder of their pet and of the tree adopted in its honor. We will print the name of the pet and the date on a certificate that bears our logo and a message explaining that a tree was planted in the pet's honor. For a small additional fee, we can frame the certificate for you. This gift also includes the card found in the gift card option, and we can either mail the gift to you or to your recipient free of charge.


• Pet Memorial Tree Gift Card - This option is a low-cost way to show your sympathy for someone who has recently lost a pet. With this gift, the recipient receives a tasteful folded gift card with our logo on the front and an explanation of the gift on the inside. There is space available for a personalized message. We can either print the message for you and then send the gift card directly to the recipient, or you can opt to have us mail the gift card to you, so that you can personally sign it and give it to that special person at your leisure. No matter which shipping option you choose, we'll send it via first class U.S. mail at no charge.


Each of our Trees for a Change Pet Memorial Tree Gifts includes an optional entry in our Pet Memorial Photo Registry. The registry includes the pet's name, its photo and the month and year of its death and is a lovely way to memorialize an animal that was a trusted friend and companion. The recipient of your gift can decide whether or not they would like their pet to be included once they receive your gift.


Trees for a Change Pet Memorial Tree Gifts provide comfort during the difficult time following a pet's passing and give a gift that will last a lifetime. Order one and send a special message to that grieving pet owner for whom you care.  

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